About Popeet

Popeet proclaims to be a range of flexible containers that can be expanded and contracted to adjust as per the number of items being stored in it. Its threaded lid guarantees to keep the container secure and air-tight to retain the freshness of the stored food items.



How does it work?

The contraction and expansion of Popeet are stated to be a result of its innovative accordion shape. To change its size, one needs to pull it on for stretching and push it down for collapsing. It assures that there is no complex mechanism involved since it can be pushed up or down in mere seconds.


Flexible containers
Popeet are containers with a unique design that promise to offer a chance of saving storage space and keep the cabinets neat as their size can be customized as per the quantity. The unique shape of the container is allegedly created with non-toxic BPA free plastic that is safe for storing food items within. Currently, there are no Popeet reviews available to validate its claims.


Exclusive features
The high-quality Popeet containers emphasize to be completely freezer safe, microwave safe, and even dishwasher safe. Such fanciful claims will be verified once users review it. Furthermore, Popeet asserts to be durable for re-use and strong enough for easy portability. Does Popeet really work as promised? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.


What do I get?
Popeet is just for $19.99
Official Website: getpopeet.com

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