Probiogen REVIEW and VERDICT

What is Probiogen?

It is a range of specially crafted probiotics supplements in the form of vegetarian capsules that enhance immunity, digestion and overall health.



The Only Probiotic Supplement with Revolutionary Formula

Probiogen could be the perfect solution for you if the best probiotics supplement is what you’ve been looking for. According to the creators of Probiogen, other probiotics products simply make false claims of using the best ingredients and technology like the highest CFU count. However, the fact, they say is that only Probiogen contains the best probiotics formula, viz. Smart Spore Technology. It supposedly helps it survive in the gut 100 times better unlike other probiotics and yogurts as it contains eight billion powerful thriving spore CFUS that are more effective than a 100 billion CFUS. The fact that leading doctors, microbiologists and physicians recommend it over others is proof of its supremacy.


What do I get?
30-day supply of Probiogen for only $29.95 plus $3.95 S&H | Official Website:


Probiogen Questions and Answers

Q. Is Probiogen gluten or dairy free?
A. Yes. It is gluten and dairy free.

Q. How long before you notice improvement?
A. I didn’t notice much of an improvement at all.

Q. Will this help with diarrhea?
A. Yes. Probiogen helps to balance gut bacteria and stop diarrhea.

Q. Are there any contraindications for this particular probiotic?
A. Probiogen does not help with weight loss.

Q. I have a hard time swallowing pills. Can I chew them or break the tablets up?
A. They are big tablets so if you have a pill cutter, you could probably cut them in half.

Q. Is this for men or women?
A. Probiogen is for both.


Probiogen Review

Probiogen helps to balance gut bacteria.


A user reported no improvement in bowel health. There may not be any noticeable difference even after using Probiogen for a few weeks. There could be no change in bloating either. Some users reported gassy feeling, stomach upset or headache. Th pills are hard.

Probiogen comes with just one strain as opposed to other probiotics. The product label and description differ on the strain. Also, the title on the bottle is misleading as it lists “most CFUs per bottle”, but the labels shows 15 B CFU/G, which is not the most in the market.

Users claim that there are more “other ingredients” that are used as fillers although the label says 100% safe Natural USA made products with no chemicals, preservatives, fillers or blenders.

There was no change to Apple Cider vinegar even after three days of immersion when it was tested for the potency of Probiogen.


Probiogen Verdict

If you go by the reviews Probiogen clearly failed to impress the customers since the product had minimal or no positive affect has promised. Probiogen is not the only product, there are many similar products available in the market and so we suggest you to do proper research and comparison of the 2 to 3 similar products of your choice before finalizing.

An alternative to Probiogen we would recommend is the Nutrition Essentials. Nutrition Essential is rated No. 1 Probiotic and you know why once you search about the product and read its reviews. You can find Nutrition Essentials on for $18.99. It has received 4.3 stars ratings along with 10,576 customer reviews giving us a bigger picture to know how it actually works. As opposed to Probiogen Nutrition Essentials genuinely have most CFU’s per bottle and though it is priced more as compared to other similar products it is worth the buy.

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