What is QuadraPan?

The QuadraPan is a 4-in-1 multi cooking scratch-resistant pan designed to bake, dry fry, poach and roast. The QuadraPan lets you cook delicious and healthy meals in one go. QuadraPan is crafted with multi-sections allowing you to cook 4 different meals at once and in one burner.



QuadraPan CLAIMS

QuadraPan is so versatile, it features 4 separate, specialty designed cooking sections. The griddle zone is perfect to cook delicious restaurant quality steaks and chicken. The ingenious raised edges allow fat to drain away for delicious, healthier meals.

The raised pod cooking zone is perfect for making tasty fish. It also keeps the skin from sticking.

The special flat grill section is great for fried or roasted vegetables and delicious side dishes. There is also a specially designed cooking cell with recessed circles for creating the most enjoyable fried eggs ever.


Cool touch interchangeable stove/helper handles
The QuadraPan features cool touch interchangeable stove/helper handles that make transition from stove top to oven fast and easy. The helper handles make it easy to use the QuadraPan as a serving pan too.

It is heat-proof up to 800 degrees so you can use it in the oven too.


CeraTech non-stick technology
QuadraPan features CeraTech, a premium non-stick technology so food doesn’t stick to the pan. QuadraPan lets you cook healthier meals because you don’t need to add extra oils or butter. The CeraTeh
coating is PTFE free and PFOA free.


Durable 5-layered construction
The QuadraPan is designed with a durable 5-layered construction including a professional grade, dye cast aluminum core and stainless steel induction plate for all-over heat distribution. Cooking with the QuadraPan gives you incredible cooking results in every zone of the pan. QuadraPan comes with a lifetime guarantee.


Easy to clean
QuadraPan is dishwasher safe, making it very easy to clean.
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What do I get?
Buy the QuadraPan™ today for 3 payments of $24.95 OR make just 1 easy payment of $74.85.We’ll also send you a 9″ Round Fry Pan, just pay a separate $7.95 fee! QuadraPan™ is available in 2 colors; Copper or Charcoal.
Official Website:quadrapan.com

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