Quirky Pivot Power REVIEW

What is Quirky Pivot Power?

It claims to be a surge-protecting power strip that is flexible to ensure no outlet gets wasted. There are 6 pivoting outlets to accommodate all sizes of adapters. Quirky Pivot Power guarantees to be a great option if you need to connect multiple adapters and plugs at one spot.



Quirky Pivot Power CLAIMS

Versatile Power Strip
Quirky Pivot Power alleges to have total of 6 outlets available to accommodate any size plugs and bulky adapters without jamming the space. At this point of time there are no Quirky Pivot Power reviews available that will attest to its claims.

Flexible Design
Quirky Pivot Power promises to have a bendable design that can be manipulated so no outlet goes wasted. Quirky Pivot Power assures to have a 5 foot flat extension cord and 45 degree plug for convenient connectivity. Such farfetched claims will be only proved once Quirky Pivot Power is reviewed. Quirky Pivot Power states to have 1080 joules of surge protection that is UL/CUL approved. Quirky Pivot Power declares to have a durable ABS housing design with a simple on/off switch for easy disconnection of power. Did you find this power strip as useful as it claims? Send us your reviews.


Quirky Pivot Power Questions & Answers

Q – Can I mount Quirky Pivot Power on a wall?
A – No, you can’t. Being a power strip, Quirky Pivot Power is positioned on the floor under a desk or table. Though clustering of plugs is a possibility with it, there is no mounting holes on Quirky Pivot Power. That means’ it’s not for mounting. Try optimizing the utility of your Quirky Pivot Power by using its flexibility and 45″ long power cord.

Q – Does Quirky Pivot Power support 220V?
A – Quirky Pivot Power is not suited to 220V plugs. It has no socket and is basically designed for 110V plugs.

Q- My iPhone’s power connector has two equal-sized prongs while Quirky Pivot Power has one large and one small slot. Is it okay if I insert iPhone’s power connector in Quirky Pivot Power with some force?
A – No, it’s not advisable to do that. Some external factors such as an obstacle or fault with its components may be responsible for it. Modern outlets are compatible with plugs of big and small prongs. Electrical devices having a plug for two small prongs can be used with outlets for large and small prongs. Also, Quirky Pivot Power has a close fit. If you’ve not come across any obstruction, you can plug your charger into it. Do check the position of Apple chargers with a technician.

Q – When Quirky Pivot Power is plugged into the wall, does the 45 degree angled plug go to the left or right (while facing the wall outlet)?
A – Quirky Pivot Power can be plugged in in just one way as it is three-pronged. It is likely to tilt slightly wherever the weight rises.

Q- What is the cord length of Quirky Pivot Power?
A – It is 45″ long.

Q – Can I use Quirky Pivot Power in the UK?
A – No, because the plugs and outlets in other countries usually differ.

Q- Can it be daisy-chained with a second Quirky Pivot Power 6 Outlet?
A – You can do it, but you’ll have to watch out for over-heating and reduced surge protection.

Q – Does Quirky Pivot Power have a flat plug and does it rotate? If it doesn’t and if I plug it in (the ground in my outlet is placed below), will it plunge down?
A – Yes, Quirky Pivot Power has a flat plug. It does not rotate but if it’s plugged in, it will slant downwards tilting towards the right.

Q – Is the plug part of Quirky Pivot Power flat?
A – To a large extent. The plugs inserted into the DL holder remain straight but you can turn them to their side if the plugs are stretched. Since the holders are flexible, they can be bent and placed over objects like furniture, rails, etc.

Q – What is the clamping voltage of Quirky Pivot Power?
A – As per available information, it’s around 15A 125vac, 60hz,1875watts. Its suppressed voltage is 800 v ( l-n,l-,n-g).

Q – Can Quirky Pivot Power be controlled intermittently through a cell phone?
A – No.

Q – Can I plug in Quirky Pivot Power into a converter? Can I also use it in some form while traveling overseas?
A – Please check that with the manufacturer.

Q – I’ve been trying to turn off Quirky Pivot Power by pressing the button, but it’s still on. Should I place it in some specific manner to make it work?
A – There may be a problem with the power button of your Quirky Pivot Power. Try keeping it flat on the floor and see if it works.

Q – Does the circle on the surface of Quirky Pivot Power light up when power is plugged in?
A – Yes. The circle on Quirky Pivot Power is an on/off button that indicates that the power is on when it’s illuminated.


Quirky Pivot Power Reviews

Quirky Pivot Power has been appreciated by customers largely as a unique concept, though they aren’t too happy with its execution. A user actually discarded has Quirky Pivot Power as he found it hazardously inflammable. He noticed sparks every time he plugged it in and says Quirky Pivot Power is very unsafe.

Quirky Pivot Power, according to another set of customers, isn’t reliable as it offers no stability. It conks off at the slightest movement. A customer has complained that she’s feeling fleeced because her Quirky Pivot Power stopped working after just five or six times of use. She also feels that Quirky Pivot Power is overpriced and not worth buying.

Quirky Pivot Power may be built on a great idea, but the end result, as many reviewers have stated, is a fiasco. A user wrote in saying how the blue light on his Quirky Pivot Power stopped working within a few days. When he opened it up, he found the mechanism inside too strange. He quit and ended up junking Quirky Pivot Power. Other users also echo the same view- that Quirky Pivot Power isn’t durable even though its flexibility is neat.

Quirky Pivot Power is four feet in length, which many find very short. Some have started using an extension cord along with it. They also find Quirky Pivot Power too bulky and poorly designed. A customer wonders why it’s called a flat plug as it comes out easily from the outlet. Another user says how Quirky Pivot Power has failed as a solution to the issue of outlets. He carried his Quirky Pivot Power abroad but when he connected it into an adaptor in his hotel room, it blew out the fuse. He was not only embarrassed but also couldn’t complete his tasks.

Another customer who wanted a good power strip for use outdoors opted for Quirky Pivot Power. He compromised on its specifications, knowing fully well that it weighs 1.4 pounds and is rather huge. He expected its flexibility to bend into various shapes and ability to adapt to different objects to be useful. Little did he know that purchasing Quirky Pivot Power would turn out to be a disaster. It didn’t do anything worthwhile, so he discarded it.

At the same time, some users seem okay with Quirky Pivot Power. For instance, a customer who procured Quirky Pivot Power nearly two years ago says he’s quite impressed with its design, the flexible strip and its flat head. It’s only recently that he started hearing a mildly crunching sound from one of the outlets. He’s planning to get his Quirky Pivot Power fixed.

Another customer who’s using Quirky Pivot for about a year says that out of the six outlets, three or four are always in use. Some months back, he noticed that some outlets weren’t providing electricity consistently. Its blue light was also not working. Another problem he’s facing with Quirky Pivot Power is its angled plug, which has a 45-degree angle and three plugs. He says it creates problems as the outlets have narrow spaces on the sides. He’s realized that it can be placed on just one side since it has three plugs. His house outlet has ground plug situated upside, so plugging Quirky Pivot Power is very difficult.

Also, the electric plug in the cord of Quirky Pivot Power is too short. He wishes that it was longer, especially when he sees his phone hanging on the short cord while getting charged. He says that Quirky Pivot Power should’ve been more user-friendly and a bit longer.


What do I get?
Buy Quirky Pivot Power – Black/White/Holiday, 6 Outlet just for only $29.99 OR
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