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What is Red Copper Express?

The Red Copper Express is a non-stick cooker designed to cook home cooked food in a jiffy. The Red Copper Express cuts your cooking time in half and cooks meals faster than preheating in an oven! Making omelettes in a frying pan is time consuming and messy but with the Red Copper Express making an omelette is a breeze, no mess and hassle-free!



Features and Benefits of the Red Copper Express
• Cooks Food Fast
• Cools Food Evenly In A Flash
• Infused With Pure Copper
• Non-Stick Ceramic
• Anti-Scratch Technology


How does the Red Copper Express work?

The Red Copper Express is infused with 100% pure copper and features anti-scratch technology.

Simply pour your ingredients into the Red Copper Express cooker, close the lid and your food is ready in minutes. The Red Copper Express cooks the food from the top and bottom giving you evenly cooked meals with absolutely no mess at all.

With the Red Copper Express you can make an omelette in minutes, without any flipping or folding. The Red Copper Express is great for sausage, pepper, egg, and cheese! When you’re finished, just wipe it clean, it’s that easy!

No sticking so food slides right off the pan – The non-stick surface of the Red Copper Express ensures food does not stick to it and comes right off the pan.

Easy to clean – The non-stick surface of the Red Copper Express makes clean up a breeze, just wipe it clean!


What do I get?
Please check the Official website: | Order the Red Copper Express today and enjoy delicious home cooked meals and cut your cooking time half!


Red Copper Express REVIEW

A Red Copper Express customer, Gail Lewis, complains in her review that its coating started to peel off in big sheets. It seemed to leave paint chips on the stove.

Maxine Lyons, a Red Copper Express reviewer found its nonstick coating useless since food started to stick horribly and the surface was rusted after a single use.

A Red Copper Express review by Camille Hill reveals that eggs start to stick the moment they are cooked even when using butter and oil. As per her review, Red Copper Express is not worth its price since it fails to deliver and has no specific associated brand name.

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