Relief Wrap

What is Relief Wrap

It claims to be a massaging wrap that uses heat therapy to relieve pain and tension in the shoulders, neck and back region. It wraps around easily to offer a snug custom fit for convenience purposes.


Relieve stress and tension

Relief Wrap guarantees to be a unique solution that helps in relieving pain and soothing away the tension in the neck, back and shoulder areas. Relief Wrap states to come with 2 heat settings and 4 massage levels that can be controlled via its digital LED controller for changing the therapy. Once the setting is done on Relief Wrap, it allegedly cuts-off automatically after 2 hours to provide relaxing therapeutic heat massage. Relief Wrap sounds highly impressive; Relief Wrap reviews will expose the truth.


Optimal design
Relief Wrap asserts to have a design that helps in covering the entire shoulder, neck and back region with ease. Relief Wrap maintains to be large in shape that goes around everyone with ease and fits snugly with the help of lightly weighted edges and a magnetic clasp in the front. Relief Wrap assures that it can be worn anywhere without worrying about it falling off. Such farfetched claims will be only substantiated once users review it. Relief Wrap emphasizes that it uses lightweight, soft micro-plush material for providing extra comfort. This material is soft to touch and machine washable for convenient cleaning. The fabric is available in blue, burgundy and tan colors. Does Relief Wrap perform as well as it claims? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.


What do I get?
Available Relief Wrap 1 Relief Wrap for 2 payments of just $29.99 with $9.99 shipping.DOUBLE the offer and all you pay is a separate fee of $9.99!

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