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What is Restore 4

As per the TV infomercial it is a professional restoring formula that helps in cleaning stains, scum and tarnish from porcelain, fiberglass, metal, tiles and grout. Restore 4 claims to be a professional solution that helps restore and remove stains, scum, tarnish, rust, lime scale, and calcium deposits easily. The formula helps in cleaning tiles, grout, porcelain, fiberglass, and even real metals.



Restore 4 Review

Restore 4 review claims that it works great on hard water stains. It is easy to apply and can quickly clean up the stains.

Restore 4 review complaints that Restore 4 has a strong smell but is efficient enough to perform the said job.

Restore 4 review says that Restore 4 performs optimal cleaning even on an old fiberglass tub. It has low odor so the users are protected while using it. The only drawback is that it doesn’t work so well on molds. Also sometimes it may require more scrubbing and work to really restore the look of the surface.

Restore 4 reviews assert that it is a great cleaner that helps in cleaning sitting stains and soap scums in older homes. It works great on sinks, bathtubs, tile flooring and tile showers. All it needs is a little of Restore 4 formula and a toothbrush to clean grouts and hard-to-reach corners.

Restore 4 review states that it works perfectly on stainless steel sinks. It is efficient at cleaning out stains without a lot of effort. There is no need to scrub it a lot that generally is a chore while cleaning with sandpaper.

Restore 4 review reveals that Restore 4 is great for cleaning various types of surfaces. It can remove hard-water and soap stains off fiberglass tubs and showers with ease. Restore 4 also works great on hard water deposits on glass and is perfect for cleaning up rust stains from plastic surfaces.

Restore 4 review states that it works perfectly well for cleaning the outdoor in-ground Acrylic Spa. It starts getting lot of residue build-up and algae since it is placed outdoors and it works great at cleaning it all up easily. It can even clean tiles, tub and floor in the bathroom with ease. Simply spray it on, wait for it to sit and clean it up.


Restore 4 Questions and Answers

Q: Does Restore 4 work on colored grout such as dark tan or medium brown?
A: Restore 4 works well on darker grouts but a small area should be tested first to be sure. Also do not let it form puddles while it sits to remove the stains.

Q: Can white grout lines in the shower area be cleaned using Restore 4? Steam and scrubbing hasn’t worked on it.
A: It works well to clean white grouts on tile floors.

Q: Can it restore black colored grouts?
A: Yes, Restore 4 cleans the grout lines and restores the original color after the stains are removed.

Q: Does Restore 4 have a strong odor?
A: No.

Q: Can Restore 4 clean better than vinegar + Palmolive brew?
A: No information available

Q: Can it be used on marble accessories, seat and step in seal at the shower entrance?
A: Restore 4 is a non-acid cleaner making it safe on natural stone and colored grout. It works great on removing dirt, oil and stains from various surfaces. Its non-acidic nature ensures that users get to clean mold, mildew, and calcium deposits with extreme ease.

Q: Can Restore 4 clean pet urine stains?
A: It can clean such stains if they are on tile or grout.

Q: Does Restore 4work on a tiled counter top in the kitchen?
A: Yes.

Q: Does Restore 4 leave behind a white film on the grout to make it much shinier and cleaner? Some of the pictures do appear that there is a film or filler over the grout after cleaning.
A: No, it only cleans the stains and restores the original color of the grout. It requires rinsing along with cleaning and scrubbing to get a new-like look.

Q: Does Restore 4 work on granite tile countertop?
A: Yes since Restore 4 is acid free. To be safe, try it on a test area first before cleaning up the countertop.

Q: Is Restore 4 safe to use on grout between travertine stone floors?
A: Yes, but it is recommended to test it out on a small area before cleaning it.

Q: Can Restore 4 be used to clean toilets?
A: Yes. Its acid-free formula can be used for maintenance of toilet bowls.

Q: Can Restore 4 be used on acrylic bathtubs? The tiles are around the acrylic tub and while cleaning the solution might slip on it.
A: Restore 4 should work fine restoring the tiles. But in case of doubt always clean a little test area before performing the entire cleaning.

Q: Is Restore 4 good for removing grease build-up on tiles and grouts around the kitchen stove?
A: Yes, Restore 4 can easily eliminate grease build-up and restore the shine of tiles with ease.


Restore 4 CLAIMS

Get stain-free cleaning – Restore 4 promises to be a professional-grade formula that not just removes stains and tarnish but restores the look of porcelain, fiberglass, tile and grout in the toilet, sink, shower and more. Restore 4 alleges to be highly powerful and potent over regular cleaners since it penetrates, disintegrates and eliminates the stains that lie deep under the surfaces too. At this point of time there are no Restore 4 reviews available to attest to its claims.

Restore variety of surfaces – Restore 4 assures to be great at removing rust, hard water stains, lime scale and calcium deposits from most surfaces with ease. Restore 4 guarantees to even restore real metals such as brass, copper, chrome and cast iron with ease while removing years of rust on them. Currently there are no Restore 4 reviews available to substantiate with its claims.

Exceptional features – Restore 4 guarantees to be free of ammonia and bleach and has non-abrasive properties to protect your surfaces. It also states to have the ability to kill pathogenic bacteria and leaves a fresh wintergreen scent behind after use. Restore 4 proclaims to be easy to use and doesn’t require back-breaking brushing. Just pour it on the stains, let it sit and wipe it off. Does such quick and easy way of cleaning using Restore 4 work well? Restore 4 reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Two-set solution
Restore 4 states to come with a Restorer and a Maintainer bottle. The Restorer is a strong solution that is allegedly based on phosphoric acid. Once it has been used on surfaces, the maintainer works great as a daily use solution to keep the restored surface clean and soap scum away. Restore 4 assures that its two different pads work great on various types of stains and surfaces. Restore 4 states to have a burgundy coarse pad that helps in removing heavy stains from old grout and tiles. For cleaning up light stains from newer tiles and grout lines, the tan fine pad is provided along in the Restore 4 kit. At this point of time there are no Restore 4 reviews available to attest to its claims.

Cleans different surfaces – Restore 4 proclaims to be perfect for cleaning different types of surfaces. It can be easily used on Linoleum, Vinyl, Corian and Pergo. Restore 4 maintains to work perfectly on real metals such as copper, stainless steel, and chrome. This is why Restore 4 can be used for cleaning septic tanks, stainless steel sinks and chrome plating. Restore 4 convinces to be further helpful as it fully restores the look of tiles, fiberglass boats, glass, and grout. Restore 4 claims to be potent enough to work on lime scale and calcium deposits that make the bath area look dirty. It declares to be so strong that the tough restorer formula can even remove hard water stains and scums. We will have to wait for Restore 4 reviews to come for further verification and analysis of its claims.

Keep caution – Restore 4 states to be a phosphoric acid based formula that should not be used on certain type of surfaces. Restore 4 should not be used on marble or granite since it can etch such types of surfaces. Restore 4 should also be allegedly kept away from cars, paint and rubber since it can damage these surfaces. Restore 4 asserts to take precaution while cleaning calcium deposits, since it can smell like rotten eggs.

Easy to clean solution – Restore 4 guarantees to help clean everything without breaking the back. Restore 4 emphasizes to be perfect for removing stains by using it over stained areas and using a sponge and water to rinse it. For thick grout lines, a nylon brush and Restore 4 PFT&G formula works wonders. Although care should be taken on colored grouts such as Antique White since its base color is brown and old stains start to popup after its use. Stainless steel sinks are a breeze with Restore 4 and water. Just let it sit for 15 minutes on the surface and clean it with water, cotton cloth and dry it with a clean towel. Did you find Restore 4 helpful? Send us your reviews.


What do I get?
You can get a Restore 4 set for $19.99 + $7.99 P&H. You have the option of adding a second set for another $7.99 P&H.
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