Rocket Pop REVIEW

What is Rocket Pop?

Rocket Pop is a fun and exciting catch and throw game that adds a super thrilling experience to the simple game of playing catch.



How to use Rocket Pop?

Simply slip the Rocket Pop on and tighten the adjustable strap, then drop the ball inside the nylon launch pad and open your hand. Rocket Pop shoots the ball into the air and when the ball comes back to you, snap it closed with a snap. It’s that easy!
Great to play indoors and outdoors
You can use the Rocket Pop both indoors and outdoors.


How it works?
Rocket pop uses catapulting technology to thrust the ball out of your hand with amazing force. Rocket Pop lets you launch the ball 30 feet or more!


Perfect for all occasions
Rocket Pop is perfect for the beach, family trips, camping, front yard, park, back yard and more!
The Rocket Pop LED ball shines extremely bright. Simply turn off the light, play outside and light up the sky. Your kids will simply love the amazing fun way to play catch with the Rocket Pop.


Perfect for all ages
Rocket Pop fits any size hand. It’s perfect for kids and adults too so it’s fun for the whole family.


Lightweight and Compact
Rocket Pop is both lightweight and compact. Its compact design makes it easy to carry anywhere you go.


Play with a friend or alone
Rocket Pop catch and throw game set comes with a set of rocket launch mitts and 4 pop balls, so you can play with a friend or against a wall!
Order the Rocket Pop catch & throw game set today!


Rocket Pop REVIEWS

Rocket Pop’s snap toss-back feature is disappointing, it seems pretty much uncontrolled. And, maybe, that is the point; looking to catch a ball that is not necessarily directed to you. You will have to chase the ball, which can be a bit tedious.

The orange fabric pulled away slightly from the black plastic.

Rocket Pop looks fun, but a little tricky to use even for adults.

Really love the Rocket Pop game! It would have rated at 5 stars, but the fabric started to pull away from the plastic after only a handful uses.

Rocket Pop is really fun! If you think it will make ‘catch’ a little easier it doesn’t, it’s quite difficult to get this right. With that said, it’s still fun!

Rocket Pop is a good game, unfortunately the fabric on one of the paddles started to tear near the rim where it’s attached- after about 3 games.

Rocket Pop is actually pretty fun once you get the hang of it. It is not a beach game because any amount of wind pretty much stops it dead in its tracks. Rocket Pop is a game to be played indoors.

Rocket Pop is fun and different but a bit loud. If only the clapping sound wasn’t so loud it would have gotten a perfect score. Rocket Pop is fun and great for hand/eye coordination. If your child likes to play in the house with balls and Frisbees this game is perfect for that! Rocket Pop is great for cabin fever in the winter. You could use some earplugs in to mute the clapping sound.

Rocket Pop is a fun game. Both adults and kids will enjoy playing this game. The only issue with the Rocket Pop game is that within no time the balls get completely lost.


What do I get?
The cost of Rocket Pop is $19.99 plus $5.99 shipping.Receive a second Rocket Pop by paying the extra shipping fee of $5.99.

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