Rx Flawless Eyes REVIEW

What is Rx Flawless Eyes

It claims to be a non-surgical cosmetic solution for removing puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. Rx Flawless Eyes claims to be a cosmetic solution to temporarily remove the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness. We shall know more once Rx Flawless Eyes is reviewed.



Rx Flawless Eyes CLAIMS

Look Young – Rx Flawless Eyes alleges to have a special action that forms a superfine web to hold the skin tightly. This flattens and soothes puffiness and wrinkles with ease. Rx Flawless Eyes promises to start working instantly in minutes. Did you find it as good as its claims? Send us your Rx Flawless Eyes reviews.


Rx Flawless Eye Review

Rx Flawless Eye review says that Rx Flawless Eye didn’t work under the eyes at all. There wasn’t a single change after applying it even after using it as per the instructions. It didn’t get absorbed in the skin even after hours of application. As a result it started going into the eyes. Plus it has a distinct smell that is pungent while applying that sadly stays even after application.

Rx Flawless Eye complains in a review states that Rx Flawless Eye shouldn’t be used by people of sensitive skin. The point that it has Vitamin E is good thing. Plus it’s a natural ingredient which is good for the skin. But Rx Flawless Eye is not purely formulated solution which is why it contains a strong, off-putting odor. Also chances are it may get into your eye and cause irritation. In fact a tear drop that went on the lips made the lips burn too. It’s not something a solution used for a sensitive area should behave.

Rx Flawless Eye review reveals that Rx Flawless Eye is hydrating and leaves the skin around the eyes smooth and soft. Also it is easy to apply without irritating the eye. On the downside though, it doesn’t smooth or even out the wrinkles. There was no effect on the dark circles as well.

Rx Flawless Eye complains say that Rx Flawless Eye arrived with an almost empty container. The less quantity in the container makes it even expensive over its current cost. Also it feels like you are ripped off. It has overwhelming smell that doesn’t wear off easily. It smells a bit like medicine. Plus the price quoted for Rx Flawless Eye is not justifiable since it fails to deliver in so many ways.

Rx Flawless Eye review states that Rx Flawless Eye didn’t provide any noticeable change or appearance around the eye region even after using it for a week. The point of purchasing it just goes away. Also one may disagree that a week may not be enough to test its effectiveness, but due to its other disadvantages trying it more than a week feels cumbersome It did feel pretty silky to the touch but doesn’t absorb well. Eventually this leads to the solution getting into the eye.

Rx Flawless Eye review reveals that Rx Flawless Eye may five some allergic reaction and irritation. It left the right side under the eye red and irritation with dry, flaky skin after using it for a week. The solution was always used as directed and still it gave such an irritation to the skin. It does get applied smoothly and doesn’t have any foul smell.

Rx Flawless Eye review says that Rx Flawless Eye doesn’t work for puffy eyes. It claims that it can provide a temporary fix to conceal the puffiness but fails to deliver. Application wise it’s easy and isn’t heavier to keep it on the skin. Don’t know how well it works on crow’s feet and dark circles though.


Flawless Eye Questions and Answers

Question: How much of Rx Flawless Eyes is to be applied for great results? How long does the jar last?
Answer: Take very little bit of Rx Flawless Eyes since it is a concentrated solution. If you use it in recommended amount, the jar should last for 3 to 4 months.

Question: How often should you use Rx Flawless Eyes?
Answer: Twice a day use of Rx Flawless Eyes works great. Use it once in the morning and once before going to bed.

Question: Is there a smell to Rx Flawless Eyes?
Answer: Rx Flawless Eyes smells of lavender and palmarosa. It isn’t very strong and comes to you only while applying it.

Question: Is Rx Flawless Eyes helpful to minimize under eye dark circles?
Answer: Definitely, Rx Flawless Eyes is designed to help with dark circles. With a rich blend of anti-oxidants, rich herbal extracts, natural Vitamin E, peptides, hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid, it can smooth fine lines, wrinkles and also minimize dark circles.

Question: Can it be used on the eyelids as well?
Answer: No. Rx Flawless Eyes is meant for use around the eyes. Apply it below the eyes to target fine lines and wrinkles and on the sides for flattening crow’s feet. It is also effective above the eyes.

Question: How many ounces does this Rx Flawless Eyes pack contain?
Answer: This Rx Flawless Eyes contain 0.33 fl oz./ 10 gm.

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