What is Salad-O-Matic

As per the TV infomercial it is a kitchen gadget that makes chopping and cutting of vegetables in a bowl to make salads easily. Salad-O-Matic states to be a combination of a bowl and a chopping bowl that helps in achieving finely, evenly chopped veggies for making a salad.



Chopping made easy

Salad-O-Matic promises to have a blade design that has a handle to help in rocking quickly into the bowl. Although there are no Salad-O-Matic reviews available at this point of time that will prove or disapprove its claims.


Excellent design
Salad-O-Matic assures to work perfectly well on various veggies to for cooking various recipes, making salads and salsas. Salad-O-Matic convinces to work on tough and soft veggies and minces garlic, onions and herbs easily. More shall be revealed once it is reviewed.

Salad-O-Matic maintains to have a 5-inch stainless-steel blade that can be used to chop and rock the veggies without the need to touch the blade. It claims to have a tough, durable bowl that withstands regular use, holds the veggies, and is large enough for the entire family. How good Salad-O-Matic really is will be only verified once we receive user reviews for further analysis.


Salad-O-Matic REVIEW

Salad-O-Matic review asserts that Salad-O-Matic is good enough to only cut soft vegetables such as avocado. But otherwise it fails to deliver on the promise of cutting through any type of veggies. The blade falls blunt for chopping carrots and other hard food items. The blade of Salad-O-Matic fails to deliver when it comes to super soft veggies such as tomatoes where it hardly gets through the outer skin and makes a mess out of it. It is not sure if sharpening of its blade will help in boasting its performance.

Salad-O-Matic review complains that it isn’t as simple to use as it claims to be. In fact, Salad-O-Matic requires pre chopping of most of the food items which doubles up the work. Plus, the dull knife just doesn’t work and makes a mess of most food items. Salad-O-Matic certainly is not worthy of five star ratings.

Salad-O-Matic review states to have a decent design with a large enough bowl to put in lot of vegetables. It also has a well-crafted knife that is designed for easy handling and also keeping the bowl in the mind. Salad-O-Matic fails at functionality though since it is difficult to cut the vegetables in the bowl. The knife of Salad-O-Matic is also highly dull and doesn’t work with salad preparations using harder, denser food items.

Salad-O-Matic review says that it is tougher to chop vegetables using the knife since its edge isn’t as sharp as expected. Salad-O-Matic has a deeper, smartly-designed bowl to contain all the food items in it, but takes a lot of time to actually perform the chopping. It could cut through cheese easily but was very problematic when it came to cutting carrots, radishes, and onions while making a salad. It is noted that Salad-O-Matic works well on an already chopped items.

Salad-O-Matic review asserts that design wise it has a large-bowl and a knife that fits the contour of the bowl for easy chopping. Salad-O-Matic is a good concept since there is no need of additional chopping board and the hazards of a traditional knife.

Salad-O-Matic review says that Salad-O-Matic is a nice idea but the knife is small and dull. Regardless of using it in a rocking, chopping or sweeping motion it doesn’t work. These actions may be extremely tiresome and put strain on the hand and wrist due to the awkward angle involved. Salad-O-Matic worked decently on fresh garlic but isn’t the best way to do so. If it doesn’t help much in chopping of vegetables, Salad-O-Matic may just lie around and occupy unnecessary space.

Salad-O-Matic review states that it requires a lot of effort when it comes to chopping of vegetables. Unless the user puts already chopped vegetables in the bowl, the result will be messy with excruciating painful process. It is supposed to be better than using a kitchen knife on a flat board. But Salad-O-Matic turns out to be a dull kitchen tool that only saves dishwashing time by cutting few vegetables directly into the bowl.


What do I get?
Get Salad-o-Matic™ just for $25.00

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