Samurai 360

What is Samurai 360?

It claims to be a kitchen knife with a groundbreaking 360 degree design. The blades allegedly rotate so you can cut through food items back and forth. Samurai 360 declares to be a new-age knife that comes with a 360 degree rotating blade design that cuts through food by rolling back and forth.



Samurai 360 CLAIMS

Time saving knife
Such a design ensures that most cutting, chopping, slicing and mincing is done quickly and easily. Although we do not have Samurai 360 reviews available to verify to its claims.


Extraordinary design

Samurai 360 guarantees to perform optimally even for arthritis patients with its sharp stainless steel blade and comfort grip handle that offers maximum control. There is also a locking blade brake on Samurai 360 that allegedly stops the blade from rotating to switch it from cutting and slicing to chopping and mincing functions easily. Such farfetched claims made by Samurai 360 will be only validated once users review it. Samurai 360 promises to offer consistent cutting for vegetables, meats and soft food items such as dough and sheet cake. After use, Samurai 360 assures that it can be kept inside the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Did you find Samurai 360 really helpful? Send us your reviews.


Samurai 360 Questions & Answers

Q. In what way is Samurai 360 better than a regular knife?
A. Well, Samurai360 has an ergonomic design that guarantees total safety, provided you follow given instructions. It chops vegetables and other ingredients exactly the way you want. In addition to that, it also slices steak, pizza and more smoothly. You can maneuver it the way it feels comfortable for you. Besides, its construction facilitates smooth, hassle-free cleaning and chopping.

Question: How can I sharpen the blade of Samurai360?
Answer: Its blade is made of stainless steel 42042, which is known to be tough and durable. If your Samurai360turns blunt, you can make use of grindstone to sharpen it well.

Question: I want to know if Samurai360 come with meat tenderizer and pastry blades or they’re provided as separate attachments.
Answer: It comes with a single circular rolling blade that performs all functions singlehandedly.


What do I get?
you will receive the amazing Samurai 360 for only $14.99 plus $6.99 S&P. We will also include the blade cover, a pastry wheel, and the countertop stand. That’s not all! we will double your offer for just an additional $6.99 S&P! You’ll get two Samurai 360’s, two blade covers, two pastry wheels, and two countertop Official Website:

5 Comments on "Samurai 360"

  1. can it be ordered in canada

  2. Wendy Jackson | 16th March 2017 at 7:39 pm | Reply

    I put in a order on Jan 10th and have not heard from you Order number is 20836060

    • Wendy, I ordered mine the same time as you & got it today 3/24/17 and the only reason I finally got it was because I told them to cancel my order.

  3. This company is horrible. All I did was look at the site and put in my information. I closed out of the site without submitting the order. Low and behold it arrived on my doorstep yesterday 4/18/17. When I called to get my money back and explain that I didn’t actually order it, I was told that once you close out of the website it continues to process your order if you don’t clear your cookies. They are the most rude customer service representatives I have ever had dealings with in my life. I just want my money back. So beware anyone that looks at the site will get the knives even though you made the decision not to purchase them.

  4. Very disappointed after reading a warning label on the back. I purchased 3 for my daughters months ago for Xmas and while wrapping see label warning this product contains a chemical known in state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Now I am stuck with 3 no longer have receipts. So upset what if I had give these to my Young daughters. Very scary

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