Sankom Bra REVIEW

About Sankom Bra

Sankom Bra proclaims to be a sports compression top and bra that provides great support and comfort while having strong construction. Sankom Bra maintains to give the most out of an intensive workout session, sports, or just long busy hours at work.



How does Sankom Bra work?

The sports bra assures to have a patented design that combines aesthetic and medical benefits as it pushes the shoulders back and gives a pushup effect while using the breasts’ natural weight.


Sports, workout and support bra
Sankom Bra proclaims to be a sports bra, workout bra, and support bra that straightens the shoulders, opens up the chest and provides better upper torso alignment. There are no user reviews to verify these claims yet. Sankom Bra states to enhance shape, boost cup-size by adding removable pads, and give a bump-free look. These claims will be verified by Sankom Bra user reviews.


Incredible Support and Comfort
Sankom Bra declares to be extremely comfortable to wear with its broad shoulder straps, one-piece, slip-on and no-clasp design that prevents it from sliding off, causing bulges, or biting into the skin. Sankom Bra convinces to reduce upper back pain even during heavy sports movement. Tell us if you found Sankom Bra that great.


Sankom Bra Questions & Answers

Q. Is the padding of Sankom Bra easily removable? I don’t enjoy wearing padded bras at all?
A. Yes, you can easily take out the padding of the bra. However, Sankom Bra does not provide very good support for high-impact activities like running or Zumba. The padding of Sankom Bra pulls out of the sewn-in pocket. The padding can be removed for washing purposes and then replaced again easily. You also have the option of removing the padding and chucking it out.

Q. Is Sankom Bra an underwire bra?
A. No, there is no under-wiring in Sankom Bra. The bra only has an elastic band at the base that conforms to the body as you work out or just wear it for regular use.


Sankom Bra Sports Compression Top and Bra REVIEW

Sharon Barnett’s Sankom Bra review state that it is extremely comfortable, but the foam padding rolls up and needs fixing before wearing.

Jodi Jennings complains in her review that the bra was ill-fitting with bulges and poor coverage and is not recommended for high-impact activities.

Terri Washington’s says in her Sankom Bra review that the compression feature was ideal but the elastic band at the bottom folded over and twisted inside.

Elsa Strickland testifies in her Sankom Bra review that Small size fits well for 32DD size and looks fine. At the same time, the bra didn’t prevent bounce.

Wendy Mckenzie claims that even though the quality is good, the size is too small and someone weighing 90 lbs and 5 feet tall had to wear Large size.

Geneva Gordon’s Sankom Bra review divulges that the user loved the look of the bra but its pads and the elastic at the base were substandard. The pads don’t stay in place and had to be taken out. The elastic of Sankom Bra flips and doesn’t stay flat making the bra uncomfortable to wear.

Sankom Bra review discloses that the bra was too small and had to be ordered for a Large. The user could barely squeeze into it, felt breathless in them and needed assistance to come out of it, which caused the sound of threads ripping. Thus, they couldn’t return it. Sankom Bra fabric looked comfortable though it is questionable how someone working up a good sweat would be able to get out of it.

Hilda Osborne complains that the Sankom bra is just about okay and not the best make. Sankom Bra doesn’t qualify as a compression sports bra.

Paula Harris’s Sankom Bra review exposes that the XL size is too loose for a 36DD wearer and does not cover the sides or provide much compression either.

Jennifer Russell says in her review that the Sankom bra is fine and has a decent amount of compression for jogging.

Karen Butler’s Sankom Bra review states that it’s ideal for someone with large chest who needs a bra for comfort and support at work. The bra lifts quite well though it runs a bit small and the elastic band constantly twists causing discomfort.

Marilyn Morris’ Sankom Bra review rues that it is quite comfortable and breathable but does not provide as good support and holds the breasts down as one would expect from a “compression” bra. The user is top-heavy and a smaller size would help more.

Maria Reed’s review reveals that it’s not as strong but works for yoga and low impact activities.

Norma Young’s Sankom Bra review says that while it gives good support, its padding is not that great. Since the padding of this bra is removable, it is visible through the workout top. A variety of colors to choose from would have been ideal but given its price, Sankom Bra is good overall.

Emily Cooper says in her review one can do jumping jacks, jog, hop, and so on without experiencing chest pain with the Sankom bra. However, on the flip side, the band of the Sankom Bra at the base constantly folds into half.


What do I get?
Buy Sankom Bra ONLY £29.99 at Official Website:


Sankom Bra Verdict

Sankom Bra is a one of its kind sports compression top bra. If we go by the reviews it does quiet work decently for both. As we have sports and regular bra available differently in the market, if you want to have a bra that works as sports bra as well as everday bra you can surely try Sankom Bra. We would recommend Sankom Bra basically for low activity and wearable under tops for short hours only. You can get it on official website as well as on in all sizes at affordable price.

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