Shape Shifter Max REVIEW

About Shape Shifter Max

Shape Shifter Max proclaims to be a unique body workout system that helps in strengthening the body and toning the muscles. It is allegedly created by fitness inventor and TV personality, Matt Titus.



How does Shape Shifter Max work?

Shape Shifter Max asserts to have a dynamic resistance technology. It has military grade alloy springs that offer resistance in conjunction with user’s body weight. The U-shape of Shape Shifter Max guarantees that users can perform workout for the entire body.

Full Body Workout System – Shape Shifter Max promises that users will never need to get on the floor to target all the major muscle groups. It assures that one can use the design in 20 different ways to tone the body. Currently, there are no user reviews available to substantiate its claims.

Additional Features
Shape Shifter Max states to have three different levels of resistance – beginner, intermediate, and advanced that can be changed by clicking and shifting the two arms. How well does Shape Shifter Max really work will be known once it is reviewed. Shape Shifter Max declares to be lightweight and compact. This means one can carry it anywhere for a quick workout. More will be known once its reviews are analyzed by us.


Shape Shifter Max REVIEW

Juanita Neal, a Shape Shifter Max user states in her review that it didn’t work for her; although, she says it might work for someone else.

Another Shape Shifter Max customer Paula Bridges asserts in her review that it feels cheaply built and falls short of performing all workouts. The Shape Shifter Max review compares it to the Thigh Master but lacks the functionality and its quality.

A user named Francis Banks shows disappointment in Shape Shifter Max. According to his review, there is no tension that is exerted and is worse than using smaller weights. As per his review, Shape Shifter Max feels cheaply built and has plastic with foam. The use of plastic means there is a chance of breakage and snapping while working out with it. His Shape Shifter Max review warns users of using the product for high-intensity training.

In her review of Shape Shifter Max, Patty Patton complains that it doesn’t work as promised and instead hurts the skin. It is cheaply made and might be good only for a smaller person.

Rick Porter, a Shape Shifter Max user reveals in his review that it is highly uncomfortable to use and keeps slipping off while working out.


What do I get?

  • 1 Shape Shifter Max
  • 1 DVD

Price: $39.90 + $6.95 S/h. Official website:

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