Silk’n Lipo REVIEW

What is Silk’n Lipo?

It claims to be a unique device that can be used to achieve targeted fat reduction by using it for 15 minutes per day. It promises to do so without the need to exercise or diet by combining Low-Level Light Therapy (LLT) technology used for fat reduction and Electro-Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology used for muscle strengthening.



Silk’n Lipo CLAIMS

Targeted fat loss
Silk’n Lipo guarantees to be a revolutionary device that has the ability to offer targeted fat reduction without the need of any diet or exercise. It promises that results will start showing in 8 weeks after using it daily for just 15 minutes. This device assures to help sculpt the body and add contour to stubborn areas such as upper arms, belly, hips, butt, and thighs for both men and women. At this point in time, there are no Silk’n Lipo reviews available to attest its claims.


Proven technologies
Silk’n Lipo states to shrink down two proven technologies into its compact form to provide outstanding results. The first technology it asserts to adopt is Low-Level Light Therapy (LLT) that is used for fat reduction in high-end clinics. It emits certain light frequencies that create temporary pores in the fat cells of the body to empty them and shrink them for fat loss. The drainage of fat cells is done in a natural manner to ensure that the fat loss is permanent.

The other technology that Silk’n Lipo declares to have is Electro-Muscle Stimulation (EMS). It is widely used by fitness trainers and physiotherapists to strengthen the muscles using gentle electrical pulses that cause flexing and twitching. Adding muscle strength while burning fats provides a better toning and shaping of the targeted area. Currently, there are no Silk’n Lipo reviews available that will substantiate its claims.


Several advantages
Silk’n Lipo proclaims to be designed with smart technology that is clinically proven for safe use and is 100% non-invasive making it a perfect device to use at home. Since the device is a one-time investment it saves money as opposed to visiting clinics on regular basis. This device emphasizes to have a compact size and comes with different sizes of belt that are meant to fit different areas of the body. It convinces to be easy to use with its smart design and doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort. Does Silk’n Lipo really provide slimming and toning in targeted areas as promised? Send us your reviews.


Silk’n Lipo Reviews

Paula Foster says in her review of Silk’n Lipo- “Please do not waste your time or money on this! Silk’n Lipo is time consuming, loud and produces minimal results. Although an extremely slight difference could be seen, these minimal changes did not last. In fact several months after I stopped using it my cellulite appeared to worsen. I am not overweight-I only used it to reduce cellulite/flabby areas that have been resistant to diet and exercise. Furthermore the metal plate is small, and a new membrane is required for each area, which increases the amount of time and money wasted”.

Cheryl Davis is not happy with Silk’n Lipo and says that it doesn’t work and is a waste of money.

In her review of Silk’n Lipo, Norma Bell states- “The size of the belt did not fit; otherwise it looks like a good product”.

Another user, Kelly Morris, writes in her Silk’n Lipo review-“I’m not sure if this Fat Freezer works. The directions state that you’re only supposed to treat each area once every four weeks.

Wanda Rogers mentions in her Silk’n Lipo review- “This device is bulky and cumbersome. The noise of the compressor/fan is tolerable. It sounds like a very quiet hairdryer”.

Irene Hernandez claims in her review of Silk’n Lipo that it seems to work but it is very loud.

Rebecca Patterson purchased Silk’n Lipo and writes in her review- “So far so good, I am noticing that my belly fat is not accumulated, so I think if I use it for a few more months I’ll be even happier”.

Betty Perez tried Silk’n Lipo and states in her review- “It’s very good machine which gives good results after 3 days. I did 60 minutes each area and there was no pain, my skin still the same”.


Silk’n Lipo Questions & Answers

Q. Can I use Silk’n Lipo on my neck?
A. No. Silk’n Lipo shouldn’t be used on your neck.

Q. Does Silk’n Lipo really work?
A. Not sure because the 2 times I used Silk’n Lipo, it put a big patch on my skin. One patch is small and not very noticeable and the other patch is really bad. I got this model of Silk’n Lipo because it said it wouldn’t damage the skin, but it has. I want to replace it or get my money back.

Q. How many fat freezing pads do you have to go through?
A. You want to use a new pad every area you use the machine on. I have had mine for a few weeks and have used 6 fat freezing pads.

Q. Can Silk’n Lipo be used on other areas of the body besides the tummy? Which areas can Silk’n Lipo be used?
A. The instruction manual says it can be used on other areas of the body besides the tummy, but because of the size, shape and hardness, it could be somewhat awkward. It does work, but slowly. It is not at all painful, but seems like it will be a rather drawn out process.

Q. After how many days can you use Silk’n Lipo in the same spot?
A. The instruction manual states you must wait 2 hours before using it again. I am not sure if this means to use on another body part but I only use this once a week.

Q. Should the fan turn off after a couple of minutes?
A. Don’t waste your time and money on this.

Q. Where do you get additional pads?
A. They are listed as also ordered. They come directly from China and are in a four pack.

Q. How cold does the surface get down to?
A. I use Silk’n Lipo a few times and it didn’t get too cold. It wasn’t anything unpleasant and I wish it was working because I’ve seen other people’s results but unfortunately it stopped working.

Q. What are the voltage and amperage requirements?
A. DC 12 V – 5 amps.

Q. I placed on a pad but when I took it off I have a circle ice patch on my skin. Is that anything to worry about?
A. I try to sculpt different areas during my contouring sessions, so that I don’t get “freezer burn”.

Q. Are the accessories included with the Silk’n Lipo?
A. Yes.


What do I get?
Buy Silk’n Lipo just for $329.00USD
Items Included
Charging Dock
2 Belts (S + L)
2 Silk’n Lipo Units (+ pads)
Medium belt gift
Official Website:


Silk’n Lipo Verdict

Silk’ n Lipo is definitely not the first of its kind in its category. There are many such fat reduction electric belts available in the market which merely just try to make believe believe in no diet no exercise formula for fat loss/weight loss.

We would like you to know that losing fat with no diet, no exercise is a big myth. We go with the saying ‘No Pain, No Gain’ and thus adopting healthy lifestyle of eating healthy and exercising regular physical exercise for reducing weight and for maintaining it as well and thus we do not recommend purchasing any such products as they have temporary or no effect on the body.

Even if you are impressed by this product and want to try for yourself you can get this product on for $329. In addition you can look for some similar products on using the keyword ‘fat burner belts’, do go through the reviews including 1, 2 and 3 star ratings one for better insights of the product before finalizing any.

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