Silk’n VitalSteam REVIEW

About Silk’n VitalSteam

Silk’n VitalSteam claims to be a facial sauna device that offers deep cleansing treatment to the skin. It states to have hot and cold steam with aromatherapy to relax the skin even more. Silk’n VitalSteam assures that it clears the skin of dirt particles, make-up residues, pollutants, and sebum.



How does Silk’n VitalSteam work?

To make the most of Silk’n VitalSteam, the user needs to wrap a towel around their hair and get the face close to its adjustable spout. The hot steam should be used first for a couple of minutes to open the pores after which dirt should be cleared with a cotton pad. It maintains to prepare the skin for optimal absorption of serum, mask, lotion or cream. The cold steam emphasizes to close the pores when used for a minute.

The Power of Steam – The hot steam produced by Silk’n VitalSteam alleges to also improve blood circulation and increases the elasticity of the skin. Users can even add essential oils, flavorings or herbal tablets to its special compartment for achieving the benefits of Aromatherapy. More shall be revealed once users review Silk’n VitalSteam. The cold steam generated by Silk’n VitalSteam guarantees to increase the humidity in the room for help users sleep. Aromatherapy in Silk’n VitalSteam declares to help to fend off cold, clear airways during hay fever and provide a good sleep. No reviews are currently available that will substantiate its claims.

Smartly Designed – The compact design of Silk’n VitalSteam promises to be perfect for easy storage. The settings to switch between various options in Silk’n VitalSteam are assured to be user-friendly. The adjustable spout of Silk’n VitalSteam claims to help in angling the steam accurately in the preferred direction. At this point in time, there are no Silk’n VitalSteam reviews available that will attest to its claims.


Silk’n VitalSteam Reviews

Bobby Kelly, a Silk’n VitalSteam reviewer, reveals that it broke after 3 weeks of use. She suspects that it is made using cheap quality material.

A similar complaint is written in Cecilia Mason’s review of Silk’n VitalSteam. Her device also stopped working after 2 months as it failed to produce sufficient steam. As per her review, Silk’n VitalSteam has a good design but fails to be durable.

According to the Silk’n VitalSteam review by Juanna Burns, the compact device helps in opening pores well. She suggests other users use a tightening mask, followed by toner and moisturizer for better results after treating the skin.


Silk’n VitalSteam Questions & Answers

Q. Can the angle of steam in Silk’n VitalSteam be adjusted?
A. Yes, the nozzle is adjustable within 40 degrees for user convenience.

Q. How many ounces of water can it hold?
A. Its water tank capacity is 180 ml.

Q. Does Silk’n VitalSteam effectively open up skin pores?
A. Yes, its hot steam option works great at opening the pores.

Q. Does Silk’n VitalSteam require batteries or should it be plugged in?
A. It requires plugging into an electrical outlet.

Q. How long does Silk’n VitalSteam function before the water runs out?
A. The hot steam can go for about 20 minutes and the cold for about 70 minutes.

Q. Will Silk’n VitalSteam turn off automatically if it runs out of water?
A. Yes, it has an automatic cutoff for such a situation.

Q. Does Silk’n VitalSteam make a loud noise?
A. No, it doesn’t make any noise and isn’t noticeable at all while using in a room.

Q. What type of water should be added to it? Should it be normal, distilled, or purified?
A. It is recommended to use distilled water as tap water has impurities and chlorine that can affect the coils.

Q. What is the voltage rating of Silk’n VitalSteam?
A. 220 V.

Q. What setting works at closing the pores after steaming?
A. Use the cold steam setting of Silk’n VitalSteam to close the pores.


Silk’n VitalSteam Price
Buy Silk’n VITALSTEAM for £168.95 at

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