Simply Straight Deluxe

What is Simply Straight Deluxe?

As per the infomercial it is a fusion of a ceramic hair-straightener and a styling brush that provides tangle free, long-lasting hair straightening.



Deluxe straightener

Simply Straight Deluxe proclaims to be the best way to keep hair styled and straight all day due to its fused design of a straightener and a styling brush. Simply Straight Deluxe states to have a mineral-based Tourmaline-coated ceramic base that offers smooth hair with the help of negative ions to counter positive ions in dry and damaged hair. It also assures to help seal the moisture in hair and remove frizzy hair. Simply Straight Deluxe does sound highly fascinating; user reviews will expose the truth.


Deluxe features
Simply Straight Deluxe asserts to have an extra-long cable of 2.7m for easy handling. The controlled heat in Simply Straight Deluxe maintains to help straighten the hair without damaging, burning the hair. More shall be revealed once Simply Straight Deluxe is reviewed. Simply Straight Deluxe alleges to have temperature control option from 160 degree to 185 degree Centigrade to soften kinks, waves to straighten hard-to-maintain thick hair. It also has auto-shut off safety feature to save over-heating of the brush. Did you like Simply Straight Deluxe? Send us your reviews.


Simply Straight Deluxe Review

Here are some of the excerpts of Simply Straight Deluxe reviews posted by users:

“Bought the Simply Straight Deluxe 3 months ago, it worked well for the first month so had no thought of returning as it was an okay product. But after that the Simply Straight Deluxe developed some faulty wiring. After reaching the desired temperature, it started to turn off. Had to use it continuously to power it on and raise the temperature.”

“Simply Straight Deluxe doesn’t work on thick fine hair. It will possibly work on someone who has very thin and fine hair.”

“Simply Straight Deluxe did not work at all. If you have thick hair it may take you at least thirty minutes just to have semi straight hair. With a regular hair straightener it takes less than thirty minutes to have completely straight hair. Even after giving it a few more tries the results were not great. Maybe other people have more time or the patience to use it, or they know how to use it well. Simply Straight Deluxe is not recommended.”

“Simply Straight Deluxe leaves hair too static. Used the Simply Straight Deluxe on wavy hair and this brush does not work. You may not be able to get to the roots.”

“It definitely won’t take the place of your straightener.”

“Simply Straight Deluxe doesn’t give a nice clean straight look. The red tips started to fall out. In fact around six have fallen out.”

“Simply Straight Deluxe does not work on wavy hair unless you almost burn it!”

“Simply Straight Deluxe is horrible. It stopped working the next day of purchasing it. Do not buy the Simply Straight Deluxe brush.”

“Simply Straight Deluxe stopped working after only a few months. While pressing the temperature button during use, the handle area begins to get hot.”

“Simply Straight Deluxe is absolutely horrible. It does not straighten hair, even hair that is soft curl texture, it does not even make is wavy. For simple, beautiful long and not coarse hair it straightened the hair semi- normally and then the hair went back to its original texture. Simply Straight Deluxe is not good at all. Do not buy!”

“Used the Simply Straight Deluxe in conjunction with a flat iron, and hair looks spectacular when finished but the location of the controls makes this brush excessively (and annoyingly) cumbersome to use, not to mention possibly hazardous to the condition of hair. There is no feature to lock the temperature, so it changes every time you handle the brush, either getting so hot that it could fry your hair, or so low that it does nothing at all. This results in needing to adjust the settings each time you pick it up.”

“Tried holding the Simply Straight Deluxe brush every which way to avoid this issue, but no matter what, the problem persists. There is also a problem with the on/off switch. It always takes multiple attempts to get the brush on. Purchased a different brush and was rewarded with ease of use due to a locking temperature feature that cut a significant amount of time off the styling routine.”

“Using the Simply Straight Deluxe on short hair (4-t inch), it worked fine for first 3 days after that red dots on brush broke and the results are not as good as it supposed to be.”

“Not satisfied with the Simply Straight Deluxe and not recommended. Simply Straight Deluxe is a total disappointment. For slightly course and thick hair, only a flat iron gets rid of frizz. Simply Straight Deluxe is not a good alternative to flat ironing. It is not an impressionable brush at all. Simply Straight Deluxe will not give you a flat iron effect. If you are looking for a smooth flat iron finish to your hair, the Simply Straight Deluxe is not the product for you. Simply Straight Deluxe tames hair slightly, but it is not the answer if you want to achieve a clean smooth finish.”

“Simply Straight Deluxe smells like plastic while using it and doesn’t really do the job like a regular straight iron.”

“The protective balls fell off with the second time of using the Simply Straight Deluxe.”

“Simply Straight Deluxe is terrible. It doesn’t work well and the buttons are right where you hold on to the handle. You have to constantly adjust the temperature.”

The temperature button keeps changing during use. Even trying to use it in a different way does not help. Simply Straight Deluxe is poorly designed. It gets too hot to hold the hair when trying to curl the ends.

Simply Straight Deluxe doesn’t work. It doesn’t turn on, the screen doesn’t light up, and it doesn’t heat up. It does nothing.

“Simply Straight Deluxe is awful, it smelled like melting plastic.”

“Simply Straight Deluxe makes your hair look naturally straight rather than straightened, but it broke within a couple months. Simply Straight Deluxe has a crappy design. You basically have a certain number of button pushes until the piece breaks. It is better to buy a better one.”

“The Simply Straight Deluxe brush itself works great and leaves hair smooth and shiny. The only issue is where the controls are located. It’s so easy to hit the buttons while using the Simply Straight Deluxe brush, and there isn’t a lock to keep the temperature set.”

“Simply Straight Deluxe is a good product but you need to do a lot of brushing to make good straight non-frizzy hair, which means too much damage IMHO.”

“Simply Straight Deluxe is heavy, hard to control and you could burn yourself even with a protective glove on. Even after several tries the Simply Straight Deluxe did not straighten hair.”

“Have had the Simply Straight Deluxe electric hair brush for almost three months and it does not feel good quality. It keeps turning off while in use which is super frustrating and the paint has started to peel off! Simply Straight Deluxe is not recommended.”

“Simply Straight Deluxe worked well to straighten thick, slightly curly mixed with wavy hair. The downside of the Simply Straight Deluxe is that the rubbery red ball tips attached to the bristles started coming off during the first use leaving the hot bristle tips exposed which will burn your scalp.”


Simply Straight Deluxe Question and Answers

Q. Can the Simply Straight Deluxe be used to dry and straighten wet hair?
A. The Simply Straight Deluxe is not intended to be used as a hairdryer, due to the fact that it doesn’t blow heat, the material in the bristles heats up and emits heat instead. Also, when hair is wet, the silicone tips of the brush do not slide as smoothly. So if your hair is only slightly damp (as opposed to wet) it can work, depending on your hair type. It is recommended to use the brush on dry hair to get best results.

Q. What voltage is it? I need it 220v.
A. The Simply Straight Deluxe hair brush straightener voltage is 220V.

Q. What is the Simply Straight Deluxe brush’s watt?
A. It could be 29 watt or 40 watt.

Q. Can the Simply Straight Deluxe be used to put a slight curl on the ends of the hair by flipping the brush in or outward on the end strands?
A. Yes, you can use the Simply Straight Deluxe brush to slightly curl the ends of your hair.

Q. Where is the Simply Straight Deluxe manufactured?
A. Simply Straight Deluxe is manufactured in China.

Q. What is the height of Simply Straight Deluxe bristles?
A. Similar hair straightening brushes have the tallest bristle, 1 inch, the shortest is 2/3 inch. They are varying length for maximum contact with your hair.

Q. How long is the cord of the Simply Straight Deluxe?
A. The cord of the Simply Straight Deluxe is is approximately 2.7 meters that is approximately 9 feet.

Q. Do the little silicone balls fall off?
A. Yes, a lot! So much so, that the brush becomes unsafe to use. The brush should only be on higher heat levels for 15 minutes, but that instruction is not provided in the instructions sheet.

Q. Is the Simply Straight Deluxe really faster than a flat iron? It normally takes me 45 minutes with my good flat iron.
A. It is not. A regular flat iron is still better. It’s just nice to achieve what you would get blow drying your hair with a brush in 15 minutes.

Q. How high is the heat temperature of the Simply Straight Deluxe?
A. 185 Degree C

Q. Can you actually massage your scalp with the Simply Straight Deluxe brush while drying?
A. Yes, you can bring the silicone tips to the scalp safely, provided you hold the brush at a good angle to the scalp (90 degrees, rather than tilting it to the side, which can bring the heated bristles too close to the scalp). Because the silicone tips are heat-proof and the brush has negative ionic charge for healthy vibrant hair, you can bring the silicone tips to the scalp for gentle scalp massage while straightening your hair.

Q. Can you burn your hand or scalp with it?
A. The Simply Straight Deluxe brush does get very hot but if you have longish hair you probably won’t get that close to your scalp. You could of course burn your hand. You need to be careful.

Q. Will the straightening effects last if you go out into damp weather? When you use a flat iron, as soon as you go out, it starts to curl up.
A. If your hair doesn’t hold with a flat iron then it won’t hold with the Simply Straight Deluxe brush.

Q. Will the Simply Straight Deluxe brush burn you if it touches your scalp?
A. You should never get it that close to your scalp or it will. It does get very hot.

Q. Is the Simply Straight Deluxe heavy?
A. Simply Straight Deluxe is close to 1.5 lbs.

Q. Can you lock the temperature on the Simply Straight Deluxe?
A. You can set your desired temperature.

Q. Can you put argon oil in your hair before using the brush?
A. Yes, argon oil is excellent as a heat protector for your hair and is a great complement to your hair styling before using any heat on your hair, especially on the ends of the hair to protect against split ends.


What do I get?
The cost of Simply Straight is $39.98 plus $6.99 shipping.receive a second Simply Straight by paying the extra shipping fee of $6.99. | Official

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