Sleep For Life REVIEW

What is Sleep for Life?

Sleep for Life is a revolutionary step by step insomnia recovery audio training programme for deep, restful sleep. Sleep for Life helps to eliminate stress, fear, and negative thoughts that prevent you from falling asleep.



How does Sleep For Life Work?

In Sleep for Life you will discover everything in a 5-lesson audio program. You can listen to it on any device and anywhere of your choice. Understand your insomnia and discover the specific actions needed to get rid of it. Sleep for Life speaks to you in depth, it changes the way you think and feel about sleep. The end result is a powerful, life altering and long lasting result.

Benefits of Sleep for Life – With Sleep for Life you can fall asleep within minutes, overcome early rising and sleep through the night- waking up rejuvenated and in control. You can now sleep without pills, potions and external sleep aids and rediscover the joy of deep restful sleep.

Awareness from Sleep for Life

  • How did you get insomnia?
  • How to overcome the fear of not sleeping that keeps you awake?
  • How to prevent early waking so you can get the rest you need?
  • How to increase the quality of your sleep and feel more energized?


Easy to Use – Sleep for Life is very easy to use. Just press play and you will get the sleep you deserve. Sleep for Life gives a permanent solution to chronic insomnia, even if you have suffered for a very long time. The Sleep for Life Program is everything about treating insomnia delivered in a precise set of lessons.

  • Stop taking sleeping pills permanently and live a better balanced life.
  • Eliminate your insomnia and improve your overall health.
  • Fall asleep within seconds or minutes of getting into bed.
  • Feel empowered, optimistic, and in control of your soon-to-be wonderful life!
  • Sleep Deeper than ever Before with Sleep for Life and see the difference as everyone around you notices it too.
  • Sleep for Life, your permanent sleep solution.


What do I get?
Buy Sleep for Life for $49.00 at the Official website | Get it today! |


Sleep For Life Reviews

Janie Ingram says in her review that she tried to use Sleep for Life four times however, she was unable to sleep. Sleep for Life was not effective for her and for five others who listened to it.

Trevor Castro said in his review of Sleep for Life “I could not use it to fall asleep because I had to keep adjusting the DVD to get it in the right place, Voice too high pitched, not soothing. Speaks too fast and too much. Often sounds too academic, like a professor lecturing. No quieting music to help relax you.”

Brent Wilkins mentions in his Sleep for Life review, that if you suffer from apnea or possible PTSD, this may not work for you. He found it Boring, Weird and Hated the Sleep For Life cd, he found himself talking to the cd and was up until dawn playing it over and over. Sleep For Life did not work for him

Ryan Harper states he didn’t find the Sleep For Life helpful. He didn’t like the voice. “First of all, he talks way too much. Second point – he’s got the most irritating voice, it grates on my nerves. Third – he stays such stupid stuff.” He felt that as if the speaker was speaking under water, and runs his words together and he can’t relax as he is trying to understand what he is saying. “I find I comprehend the words he speaks a second or two after he says them. If I have the volume louder , it helps, but then when he reaches the high pitch of his voice, it is not restful” He gets annoyed with his voice, his suggestions and finds myself analysing and disagreeing with almost everything he says. The last time, he felt a bit angered by Sleep For Life and pulled the headphones off.

Ellis Mccoy another Sleep For Life user feels that his mind remains way too active for any weak suggestions of relaxing his toes and Sleep For life instructions about how he will fall deeper and deeper into a relaxed state. Although being skeptical he did approach Sleep For Life with an open mind as he was hoping for a good result from Sleep For life

Leroy Edwards in his review of Sleep For life states that- the speaker’s enunciation makes it difficult to understand all of what he is saying.

In his review of Sleep For Life, Rufus Hall mentions that the Sleep for Life CD does not relax him or put him to sleep. He feels the accent is very strong.

Mandy Lopez says in her review that the claim that Sleep For Life somehow puts you in a trance or a state like hypnosis is bunk. Sleep for Life helps marginally to get relaxed but not nearly as good as a decent book for pleasure reading. She honestly think what the speaker is doing more or less is trying to bore you until you doze off.

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