Smart Spy REVIEW

What is Smart Spy?

Smart Spy claims to be a USB Wall Charger that is also a Secret Spy Camera! Smart Spy promises to be easy to use – just plug it in! This claim can only be substantiated once Smart Spy reviews come out.Whether you need to keep an eye out on your kids, pets, hired help, intruders or any suspicious activity, Smart Spy Now claims to let you see what is going on when you’re not around!


How does Smart Spy work?

Smart Spy promises to capture 1080P HD video footage discretely. It alleges its Micro SD card with 32 GB of memory can record up to 8 hours of footage! Such claims of Smart Spy does sound very helpful but does it work well is a question better left to Smart Spy user reviews.At any point of time when you want to look at your recordings, simply plug it into your computer and play. It does sound easy but this claim can only be affirmed once we analyze Smart Spy reviews.

Smart Spy also states that it works as a universal USB wall charger for mobile phones and more.Though at this very point there are no reviews that can verify with Smart Spy claims.

Compact, perfect for on the go
Smart Spy maintains that it is so compact you can even take it with you on the go! But we will need Smart Spy reviews to validate this claim too.Smart Spy also claims that it has a motion activation feature so you don’t waste recording time when nobody is in the room. Smart Spy reviews can affirm whether this claim is actually true.

Great for all
Smart Spy emphasizes that it is perfect for home, office, business and more! Smart Spy promises to be attractive but its claim can only be attested once users review Smart Spy. Order Smart Spy today!


Smart Spy As Seen On TV Review

Grant Benson says in his review of the Smart Spy As Seen On TV “The image quality is pretty good, 3/5. The washout from the light was pretty bad. I have overhead led lights in my office. The audio quality is usable, 3/5. There was some static in the sound even being only a few feet from the device”.

Ron Pena complains in his Smart Spy As Seen On TV review- “The two major problems I have is that there are obvious moments of motion missing from the files. It looks like when it reaches its max file size and begins a new one it creates time gaps. The second issue, which may just be my camera, is the camera is parallel to the ground. The camera is plugged in directly behind and parallel to my desk and there is a distinct angle costing me view-able area. It is disappointing for the high price”.

Mitchell Colon has several complaints against the Smart Spy As Seen On TV and says in his review of the Smart Spy As Seen On TV – “1) No Wi-Fi broadcast signal. (Wi-Fi can be important for customization with an app and monitor alerts), 2) No monitor Alerts, 3) The 32 gig sticker on the device may raise suspicion, but it is easily removable,4) the light on the front of the charger is not an ideal location to place a secret visual indicator, 5) the motion detection is flawed, it records constantly, consuming storage, 6) Video records constantly, 7) Recording storage is maxed at 6 hours. You could have your house robbed after you leave for work and you would never have evidence by the time you get home because motion detection is flawed, 8) there is no way to turn off the video overwrite feature and there is no way to turn off the video overwrite feature, 9) unable limit quality of recordings or turn off audio, 10) with the right USB cable, someone could plug in their phone to find the videos; a serious flaw, 11) No security to encrypt/protect access to the drive, 12) Changing the length of recordings is unavailable. It is always 3 minutes”.

Another person Gloria Richardson who purchased the Smart Spy As Seen On TV writes in her review of the Smart Spy As Seen On TV – “Initially the Smart Spy As Seen On TVcamera worked well and picture quality was exceptional. Then one day I noticed that the indicator lights were blinking, so I plugged it into the computer and found that my computer would not acknowledge its’ existence”.

Bill Butler mentions in his Smart Spy As Seen On TV review- “With the miniaturization of cameras during the cell phone age, I figured a housing so large would have a decent camera with a decent picture. The video may be rated as 1080P, but it is so grainy that you wouldn’t know it was. It does not do well in dimly lit areas either. Also the sound is terrible. The microphone picks up a constant buzzing noise that nearly drowns out any other sound”.

Stella Olson states in her review of the Smart Spy As Seen On TV that she could not view the files on any android or laptop and the Smart Spy As Seen On TV camera seemed used when she got it.

In his review of the Smart Spy As Seen On TV Gary Burgess says that the Smart Spy As Seen On TV has never worked right and when he plugs it in the video and audio disappear.


Smart Spy As Seen On TV Questions and Answers

Q. Will the Smart Spy As Seen on TV charge an iPhone if I plug it in this hidden camera?
A. Yes, our 3in1 cable which you get with the spy nanny camera can charge an iPhone.

Q. How many hours can the Smart Spy As Seen On TV record on the 32 GB model?
A. The Smart Spy As Seen On TV can record for 5-6 hours. You can also use the motion detection mode for record only.

Q. Is the Smart Spy As Seen On TV compatible with Mac computers?
A. Yes, the Smart Spy As Seen On TV is compatible with Mac computers. We tested compatibility with the Macbook and iMac.

Q. Does the Smart Spy As Seen On TV have a light that illuminates while in motion detection mode?
A. It blinks once, when motion is detected. It’s invisible.

Q. Does the motion sensor turn off automatically to save on power/storage etc.?
A. Yes, the motion sensor automatically turns off, camera records for 3 minutes, after when motion is detected.

Q. How many cameras can I set up at one time?
A. You can set up as many as you want because they are not connected by an app or anything. The number of electricity outlets is the only limitation.

Q. I’m having a problem with the Smart Spy As Seen On TV camera. A message appears that says “please insert a disk into the USB drive”, what does it means?
A. If the voltage in the USB port is not enough for the camera – connect the camera to the AC power through an extension cord or directly to the outlet and after that to the PC through a USB port.

Q. The USB is not creating a video file. What can i do?
A. This is a lot less complicated if you are using Windows 10. Make your time changes in the format shown in your instruction booklet. Save (NOT Save AS) your file. The change will not take place until you plug the unit into an outlet. Watch for 3 blue flashes. Let it record a few minutes.

Q. Has anyone connected the Smart Spy As Seen On TV camera to 220v?
A. Yes, the Smart Spy As Seen On TV works with 220v.

Q. Can i put the SD card on my phone and watch the videos?
A. SD card is hidden in the device, for better security, so that no one sees her.

Q. What is the angle of view?
A. About 70 degrees, which is not very wide. Image quality is good but does get hot when charging a phone on it. It is easy to use though.


What do I get?
Smart Spy for just $39.99 | Official Website:

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