Smile Actives

What is Smile Actives

As per the infomercial, it is a revolutionary teeth whitening gel that can be added to any regular toothpaste to whiten the teeth. It also asserts to work as a powerful stain remover for getting that perfect smile.


Achieve a perfect smile

Smile Actives promises to be an innovative formula that uses Polyclean Technology to whiten the teeth and remove stains. It states to be perfect for use with any type of toothpaste and turns into a powerful whitening treatment while brushing the teeth every day. At this point in time, there are no reviews available that will attest its claims.


Polyclean technology
Smile Actives guarantees that its Polyclean technology offers 360-degree whitening with any toothpaste. It assures that the powerful active whitening ingredients generate ultra-fine texture foam that reaches grooves and crannies of the teeth to provide optimal results. Currently, there are no Smile Actives reviews available that will help us evaluate its claims.


Proven formula
Smile Actives convinces to be the perfect way to whiten the teeth since it has been developed by dentists and hygienists. It declares to be so powerful that it can remove toughest of stains that sit on the teeth from food and beverages including red wine and coffee. The claims made by Smile Actives will be validated once users review it.


What do I get?
3-month supply for ONLY $29.95

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