Sock Slider

What is Sock Slider?

It’s an implement with unique cradle design that assists you with wearing socks without having to bend over or stretch.


Wear Socks without getting Uneasy

As the name suggests, Sock Slider claims to be an innovation that makes wearing socks easy, painless and quick if you experience discomfort and trouble while pulling them on. Sock Slider is a unique tool with a cradle shaped part on which you slip socks, then lower on the floor and simply insert your foot into it. Its cradle design expands and holds socks open at the time of wearing it, so you are able to wear your socks without having to do anything.


Multi-faceted, Versatile and Effective
Sock Slider asserts that it’s not only the best way to wear socks but also helps you take them off. It can also be used for wearing shoes. Sock Slider proclaims that it is perfect for people who have limited range of movement in daily life. In addition to that, Sock Slider is lightweight and portable- which means it can be packed easily for ease during travel. Finally, Sock Slider is ideal for all types of socks that include compression socks, dress socks. athletic socks, etc.


What do I get?
Sock Slider™ for only $14.99 plus $4.99 P&H get second one for just $4.99 P&H.

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