Solar White Owl Light

What is Solar White Owl Light?

It is a multipurpose outdoor lamp that not only illuminates your garden (with solar light it collects naturally) but also protects it from animals and pests that destroy plants besides adding elegance to your surroundings.


Illuminate and Prettify Your Garden while Cutting Cost

Projected as the ultimate accessory for your garden, Solar White Owl Light is a garden lamp, pest repellent and centrepiece all rolled into one. It is a tall outdoor lamp (total height 14½” long with the figure owl being 5″ high) made of weather-sturdy Polyresin featuring a built-in solar panel that derives light from the sun and illuminates your yard naturally at night. Solar White Owl Light aims to do away with your running up huge electricity bills and also make it look beautiful as it doubles as a tasteful embellishment too.


Keeps Harmful Creatures at Bay
Solar White Owl Light also claims that its presence keeps pests, rabbits, squirrels, rodents and other animals that cause damage to plants away. Even though Solar White Owl Light is very big in size, it is easy to use as it can be installed in the ground easily and demands no complex installation procedures.


Solar White Owl Light Q & A

Q. Does Solar White Owl Light work when placed on a patio or should I keep its bottom part in soil?
A. Yes, you can use it on a patio but it works better when kept in a planter.

Q. Is Solar White Owl Light large enough to illuminate the seating area of my lawn well?
A. It’s not as big as it appears in images so you’ll have to keep it on a wall or fence for better lighting.


Solar White Owl Light Reviews

Kate Wheeler, who set up Solar White Owl Light in her patio recently has said in her review on it that it’s not as good as its advertisers claim it is. Firstly, the appearance of its figure doesn’t come anywhere close to that of an owl which is meant to scare animals and pests away. Secondly, its light isn’t pleasing nor gentle to the eye. Worse, her Solar White Owl Light stopped working within a week as its light stopped glowing completely. She’s annoyed with this purchase it she feels her money’s gone down the drain.

Matthew Hale has stated in his Solar White Owl Light review that it’s been 10 days since he installed it in his lawn. It looks quite attractive and neat but it’s very small and not able to illuminate the entire lawn area, which is rather big. Overall, he says so far he thinks it’s not too bad.

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