Solo Styler REVIEW

What is Solo Styler?

As per the infomercial it’s a split barrel hairstyling tool that combines a round hairbrush and hair straightener in one. It proclaims to give salon-like hairstyle without tugging or burning. With Solo Styler, hair tangling into a round hairbrush and burning with flat iron will allegedly be a thing of past.



Solo Styler CLAIMS

Two-in-one hair-styling tool
Solo Styler promises to combine a round brush and turns into a straightener at the push of a button doing away with the need for several tools. These claims sound too good to be true. User reviews will reveal more. Solo Styler declares to have ionic nylon boar bristles that detangle hair efficiently making them silky smooth. The cordless split barrel and interlocking bristles iron out every single hair strand perfectly. Is Solo Styler really that efficient? User reviews will verify this.


Versatile hairstyle
Solo Styler convinces to give flips and wavy curls and makes hair poker straight to give salon-like quality right at home. The tool retains heat to work like a flat iron and makes hair from wet to dry while styling it cutting your hairstyling time in half. Solo Styler gives maximum lift and volume to the hair. Send us your Solo Styler reviews to tell us more.


SoloStyler Reviews

SoloStyler review reveals that the bristles are not exactly cool to touch and feel quite hot if you accidentally touch the barrel between the bristles while in the Curling mode. Because of this, SoloStyler is not recommendable. It also doesn’t curl hair well and hair end up tangling.

SoloStyler review calls it a complete disappointment. The curls turn out just about average and don’t leave hair as smooth as the rotating model.

SoloStyler review states that in just about two months of owning it, it’s bristles started giving way one by one. Three months after the purchase, the bristles and its surface started breaking three or four pieces at a time.

SoloStyler review exposes that it was usable only a few times and then it stopped switching on. It straightened the curls well till it worked but the finish wasn’t as smooth as the ad claimed. However, the curl brush option was good.

SoloStyler review states that the On/Off switch is very difficult to move and it was too hard and big to use.

SoloStyler review brings to light that the ceramic was chipped off when it was being used as a flat iron. The heat wasn’t maintained consistently and it was a challenge to straighten wavy hair as the irons didn’t get the hair well.

SoloStyler review divulges that even though the bristles don’t burn, a user is still likely to get burnt. It also switches off accidentally or the settings change.

SoloStyler review discloses that it straightened 4E hair type and is a good straightener to have on that front. However, one needs to ascertain that they use hair heat protection as SoloStyler heats up a lot and hair can get very hot too.

SoloStyler review complains that it leaves the smell of burnt hair after use. SoloStyler is more like a hot comb, but it’s better than a hot air brush, although not perfect.

SoloStyler review says that it functions just about okay, and is difficult to use as a straight iron. Its bristles break too easily even when used carefully.

SoloStyler review criticizes it for taking a long time to straighten rough hair.


SoloStyler Questions & Answers

Q. Do the Bristles split?
A. The bristles are molded and extremely sturdy. My model didn’t lose any bristle and don’t think it will in future. It’s a great and very versatile tool.

Q. How effective is SoloStyler on approximately 31” long hair?
A. Long hair has great chances of tangling with the styler and difficult to get out if you don’t keep rotating it constantly.

Q. What is its voltage?
A. Perhaps 110 Volt

Q. What’s the size of the brush barrel?
A. The circumference is approx 5½”/14 cm, length about 4”/ 10 cm, and width approx 3”/ 7½ cm. The styler comfortably holds a sizeable chunk of hair.

Q. Does SoloStyler add luster to hair?
A. SoloStyler adds more shine to hair compared to a regular flat iron but you need to use a thermal protection spray with a shine complex. It’s an ionic styler so it boosts the shine compared to flat irons.

Q. How hot does SoloStyler get?
A. Moderately hot.

Q. Is SoloStyler good for short curly hair?
A. It’s not very effective.

Q. Will SoloStyler make my curly, very thick, shoulder length hair straight?
A. Yes, it works on my curly, thick and much longer hair. In fact, the styler works better on thick sections of hair.

Q. How does one clean SoloStyler?
A. It’s easy to manually pick out loose strands of hairs from the brush. I use it on clean hair without using any product before styling, so the tool doesn’t get dirty. The ample space between the rows of bristles can be easily wiped with a damp cloth on your fingertip.

Q. Is SoloStyler dual voltage?
A. No, it has American voltage. The voltage overseas can be changed with an adapter.

Q. Does SoloStyler work on African American hair?
A. Not sure, but it shouldn’t be an issue.

Q. Is SoloStyler good for natural hair?
A. Even though it does work on natural hair, it’s not as great as everyone says it is. It works on short hair but long hair gets tangled in it. The lock does not stay and breaks on dropping.

Q. Does SoloStyler style damp hair or does hair have to be dry?
A. It can be used on both wet and dry hair. The ionic nylon core bristles work on wet or tangled hair as the ionic ceramic barrel absorbs and dries damp hair faster. The bristles interlock to keep hair sections perfectly in place.

Q. Will SoloStyler turn my white hair yellow like other flat irons?
A. No information.

Q. Does SoloStyler have auto shut off?
A. Yes.

Q. Is SoloStyler useful for drying hair?
A. Yes, traditionally blow drying hair.

Q. Will SoloStyler straighten my wavy hair?
A. Yes


What do I get?
You can get Solo Styler for $19.99 + $5.99 at Official Website:

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