SoundLink Revolve

What is SoundLink Revolve

It claims to be a portable Bluetooth speaker by Bose that offers 360 degree immersive, consistent sound with up to 12 hours of battery life. It also alleges to be water and bump resistant for outdoor use.


Powerful speaker configuration

SoundLink Revolve claims to deliver a ground-shaking sound in a portable design. It has dual-passive radiators that provide amazing low-note performance and damping unnecessary vibrations. The downward-facing, full-range transducer and omnidirectional acoustic deflector of SoundLink Revolve allege to provide 360 degree sound and spread it uniformly for even coverage. At this point of time there are no user reviews available to substantiate with its claims.


Portable design
SoundLink Revolve assures to be powerfully loud but is highly portable so that it can provide music anywhere, anytime. The speaker states to be IPX4 rated water-resistant for easy use in rains or near a pool. It also asserts to have a soft material that encompasses it and protects it from bumps. SoundLink Revolve maintains to have a seamless design forged from a single-extrusion process. It is easy to grab and its keys are soft, smooth and easy to operate. With threaded universal mount, one can easy attach it to a tripod too. Currently there are no SoundLink Revolve reviews available to attest to its claims.


High-powered performance
SoundLink Revolve emphasizes to provide wireless connection via Bluetooth setting. It can even offer access to the phone to make calls or use multiple functions using Siri and Google voice. SoundLink Revolve guarantees to deliver music for up to 12 hours with its rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The speaker helps in pairing using voice prompts and remembers the eight most recently connected devices for convenience sake. The Bose Connect app helps in connecting two speakers for Party or Stereo Mode. Did you find SoundLink Revolve really good? Send us your reviews.



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