Space Max Cup Holder Multiplier

What is Space Max Cup Holder Multiplier?

It is an innovative accessory which, when inserted into a car cup holder, increases storage space for items like glasses, cell phones, etc. by providing more sections and compartments.



Smartest Storage Solution on Wheels

As the name suggests, Space Max Cup Holder Multiplier is an attachment that guarantees to maximise the space available in your car and so you can store more items neatly when it’s placed in the car cup holder. Most people experience inconvenience while holding a coffee cup or while groping for loose change, sunglasses or cell phone to pick them or keep them in place at the time of driving. It can lead to small mishaps like spilling drink in the car as one may not be able to store the cup in place at the right time. Space Max Cup Holder Multiplier could be just what you need in order to make driving a more comfortable and hassle-free experience.


How it Works
Space Max Cup Holder Multiplier has five slots in which you can store up to six different types of items. It has a rubber base, which settles inside the car holder with the upper part offering storage area. The slots rotate open from the base, in which all the little articles you need at the time of driving can be placed and picked up easily from a single place. That means there’s no need to keep things all over your vehicle randomly once you get Space Max Cup Holder Multiplier.


Space Max Cup Holder Multiplier REVIEW

Martha Fuller, a customer who purchased Space Max Cup Holder Multiplier recently has commented in her review that it doesn’t work exactly the way its advertisement shows. She says that though it’s not bad, using it isn’t very easy and it can’t hold cups of all sizes.

Wilfred Craig has also noted in his Space Max Cup Holder Multiplier review that its slots are too narrow to grip cups and water bottles available today steadily. He also says that its rings can’t keep all things secure except for the one at the top, which offers a little more space.


What do I get?
Space Max is $14.99 plus $4.99 shipping

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