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Sole Spa claims to be a fast and easy way to clean, exfoliate and refresh your feet without the need to bend over.



Sole Spa alleges to be a foot brush that bears a resemblance to a sandal designed with more than thousand soft cleaning bristles to clean and exfoliate your feet. We wouldn’t believe these claims though till we look at and analyze Sole Spa reviews. It also claims that its built-in pumice stone on the heel helps to remove calluses from the heel, and the suction cups on the bottom claims to help secure it to any smooth shower or tub surface. Does Sole Spa really work as promised? Send us your Sole Spa review.

Sole Spa promises to eliminate dirt and odor from the top and bottom of your feet and also in between your toes.Is Sole Spa really so versatile? Sole Spa reviews will have to confirm that for us.


Simple and easy to use
Sole Spa alleges to be simple and easy to use. Just place it on the floor of your tub or shower and the six suction cups attached to the bottom ensure it stays in place. With the water running, you then insert one foot into the Sole Spa and pour any soap onto it. As it suds up, simply rub your foot between the upper and lower bristles, or move your heel along the pumice stone on the back of the unit.Is Sole Spa really that easy to use? Sole Spa reviews will soon reveal the facts. Sole Spa is great to use for all ages.


Sole Spa Reviews

Bernadette Perkins says in her review of Sole Spa-“The bristles are way too soft to scrub away anything. I like a firmer scrub but these bristles just bend down. They are so long and flimsy. The pumice stone cracked in half”.

In her review of Sole Spa, Joy Pierce mentions- “If you have a small tiled shower, this will not stick. The suction cups are in weird places. And to top it all off the top portion comes off too easily. It is of poor quality”.

Bertha Reid claims in her review of Sole Spa that it is very bulky and doesn’t stick to the floor at all.

Jasmine Gutierrez tried Sole Spa and states in her Sole Spa review- “You move foot right into the hard plastic, not very comfortable. It would not stick to the floor”.

Anne Dennis says in her review of Sole Spa that the suction cups do not adhere to her molded fiberglass shower floor.
Another user, Kimberly Watts, writes in her Sole Spa review that Sole Spa is not well constructed and is very cheap looking.

Daisy Arnold too purchased Sole Spa and claims in her review of Sole Spa that it slides when you try to move your foot in and out, even though the suction cups are holding to the floor.

Sherry Osborne feels that Sole Spa is priced very well but writes in her review of Sole Spa that it is not too effective in cleaning feet.

In her review of Sole Spa Rosemary Green mentions that it seems to have plenty of drain holes to allow it to dry but she is still a little concerned about mildew and germs.

Angel Ferguson is not very happy with Sole Spa and says in her review of Sole Spa that the upper plastic is a bit hard so you must be careful not to hit your foot. She also says that the heal part cracked using it the second time.

In her review of Sole Spa Shelia Mcdonald states that it doesn’t clean any of the sides of your foot, because there’s no bristles on the side, only on the bottom and the front part of the foot.

Rebecca Black bought Sole Spa and claims in her review of it that it stays attached but not in place, so it keeps sliding from side to side. So it’s almost impossible to use the scrub part.

Marlene Chavez warns us in her review of Sole Spa that the bristles are fairly soft but diabetics and anyone else who must guard against cuts on the feet should be cautious during use.


Sole Spa Questions/Answers

Q: Does Sole Spa clean well in between your toes as well?
A: Sole Spa features brushes on the top and bottom so it cleans very well between the toes.

Q: Are the bristles of Sole Spa stiff?
A: No not at all, but the bristles are sturdy enough to massage and clean feet.

Q: Can Sole Spa be used in the shower?
A: Yes, Sole Spa can be used in the shower. It comes with suction cups to grip the inside of the tub so it doesn’t slide around.

Q: Does Sole Spa have the back bristles like shown in the picture?
A: Yes and it has a pumice stone too.


What do I get?
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