STARLYF INSTA COOL needs to be plugged in and uses no battery.

This is a personal space air cooler, not a room air conditioning unit. It will lower the air temperature in the area around you by about 12 degrees F.

STARLYF INSTA COOL is very quiet. It doesn’t put out much air, but in a very small space (around 3-4 feet) it will cool the air. Don’t expect a/c type cold air, but cool air.


Starlyf Insta Cool


STARLYF INSTA COOL is easy to clean. Empty the machine completely, then add fresh water with a little vinegar, let it run for a while & then empty it again & add clean, fresh water.

Many users have reported that the STARLYF INSTA COOL doesn’t cool at all! They mention you have to have your face right up against it to feel anything.

STARLYF INSTA COOL does not come with a power supply that can be plugged into a cigarette lighter. However, if you have a converter that can change the cigarette lighter into a regular outlet, you should be able to plug it in. It is about the size of a toaster and requires water to provide the cooling effect. This could potentially make a mess in your car, especially if you are driving while operating the device!

It runs out of water after a couple hours and must be refilled, so can’t be used for long term purposes.
STARLYF INSTA COOL is worthless even for a small grow tent.

STARLYF INSTA COOL does not produce any cold air. The 12 degree cooling rate and 4ft (model 20) or 6ft (model 30) radius is false.

It does not work as advertised. The air just isn’t very cool, and it doesn’t cover the 4 feet it says it will.
It doesn’t cool at all. In fact the STARLYF INSTA COOL blows hot air.

STARLYF INSTA COOL is very noisy.

If you fill it according to instructions, if you’re running it on high, the water reservoir only lasts about 2-3 hours.

The water is in the bottom compartment and if you try and move it the water can slosh out and spill.
STARLYF INSTA COOL does not turn off after the water runs out, the light just blinks.

It is not designed in a way that the air inside can escape after refilling. After you fill the STARLYF INSTA COOL, you will have to tilt it to the right a little to release the air bubbles. You have to do this or it will make gurgling noises.

STARLYF INSTA COOL is a little bulky for travel.



What do I get?
STARLYF INSTA COOL for $39.95 at


  1. Eric Oosterling | 19th October 2018 at 1:29 pm | Reply

    Hij werkt naar behoren.
    Extra geluidsproduktie van de fan vindt ik niet erg, een draaiende stofzuiger vindt ik prettig (monotoon!).

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