Step Pedi

What is Step Pedi?

It’s an automatic hands-free foot smoother to exfoliate your feet with instantly. If you’re looking for the impeccable way of getting rid of dry, flaky skin on feet, Step Pedi is just what you may need.



Makes Your Feet Look Good

Step Pedi, a new foot smoother, asserts that it’s the most perfectly devised appliance that makes your feet look flawlessly beautiful and smooth. Step Pedi claims that it’s very gentle and safe as it causes no injury when in use.


Causes No Discomfort
All you need to do is switch on Step Pedi with a simple touch of your toe and place your feet on its rotating buffer. It’s a waterproof appliance that can be used safely in the shower as well as tub. You don’t have to bend down or lean to use Step Pedi; you can just stand comfortably or be seated while it is on. You’re given the assurance that you can really bid goodbye to cracked heels and roughness of feet as Step Pedi is very effective, non-messy and adaptive. Step Pedi can be used on wet as well as dry feet as its suction cups keep it firmly in place while it’s switched on.


What do I get?
Pedi Foot Smoother costs $19.99 + $4.99 P&H and get 2nd Pedi Foot Smoother for $4.99 P&H.

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