Stove Ranger

What is the Stove Ranger?

It is an intelligently made residential fire suppression system with a special ability to extinguish grease or oil fires on electric range and stove top.



Safeguards your Family from Fire

The manufacturers of Stove Ranger claim that a residential fire suppression system like the Stove Ranger is a must-have today as fire can break out unexpectedly anywhere, any time. According to them, the Stove Ranger is the best solution to stop the fire caused by grease or oil on a range top or gas burner while cooking, instantly.


Simple and Efficient Mechanism
Stove Ranger has a heat sensitive activation mechanism, which activates its extinguishers automatically to release a dry chemical retardant. This element douses the fire and reduces chances of occurrence of the blaze for a long time. In addition to that, Stove Ranger is designed to use centrifugal force to create a fire retardant line across the burners consistently. This feature, according to the makers of Stove Ranger, also prevents the blaze from spreading around and minimizes destruction that may strike.


Two Extinguisher Units for Maximum Protection
The Stove Ranger comes with two extinguisher units, which are provided with telescopic compression rods to make installation easy in most kitchen setups. Both the extinguishers of the Stove Ranger are located above the range burners and within the hood, which supposedly maximises protection and doesn’t protrude and spoil the aesthetic beauty of the kitchen.


Safe and Dependable
The retardant used with the Stove Ranger is non-toxic and safe. In case you have to use the Stove Ranger, you’ll just need to take care that the fire retardant remains dry and sealed inside the extinguisher unit. Also, a replacement unit of the Stove Ranger would be needed if its seal is broken. Cleaning the excessive retardant left behind is also easy as it can be done with a vacuum, brush or broom. A damp cloth, soap and water can also be used for the same. And since the retardant of the Stove Ranger is non-hazardous, it can be discarded safely in a regular trashcan.


Easy to Clean and Maintain
One of the highlights of the Stove Ranger is that it can be taken out easily for cleaning. You just need to rub the Stove Ranger gently with a damp cloth. Maintaining this fire suppression system is also uncomplicated and hassle-free. Also, the parts of the Stove Ranger need to be replaced only after five years, or if it is ever used.


What do I get?
Stove Ranger just for only $99.99 + S&H

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