Sunshine Blade Heater REVIEW

What is Sunshine Blade Heater?

It is an indoor and outdoor heater that functions with carbon fibre bulb technology to instantly spread warmth wherever it is put up. The makers of Sunshine Blade Heater claim it’s the perfect heater you need to stay warm indoors as well as outdoors no matter how cold it turns anytime of the year.



Sunshine Blade Heater CLAIMS

Stay Warm and Cosy All Year Through – According to them, it is a pro at making you feel as if you’re enveloped in warm summer sunshine as it features direct heat technology that delivers warmth quickly at a push of its remote control button.

Smart Technology and Functions – Sunshine Blade Heater functions on carbon fibre bulb technology which produces invisible infrared thermal light rays to create warmth. However, its makers assure you that these light rays are very gentle and have no dangerous UV rays. Sunshine Blade Heater also features a built-in timer to activate it automatically at whatever time you choose. Further, it also has a motion sensor which puts the heater into standby mode if it detects no movement within 8m for 15 minutes and gets switched on automatically if it senses a movement within an hour.

Equally Effective Indoors and Outdoors – Sunshine Blade Heater doesn’t warm just closed rooms inside a house. It is equally competent at generating sufficient warm outdoors. It can heat surroundings up to 20m3 indoors as well as outdoors. You can install it around your seating area in your garden when it’s chilly and you can rest assured you’ll be warm and comfortable enough.


Sunshine Blade Heater Questions & Answer

Q. Can I know the heating range of Sunshine Blade Heater and how much area it can heat?
A. It is able to heat up to 20m3 indoors as well as outdoors. Most customers have given positive feedback about its ability to provide the desired warmth wherever you need.

Q. Is Sunshine Blade Heater more cost-effective than other heating systems?
A. Exact figures indicating its cost-effectiveness are not available as such. You’ll be able to figure it out when you get your electric bill as it depends upon your usage.

Q. Do I have to connect the Sunshine Blade Heater to a push button client (set to a particular time limit) or something in order to get it to work as per a timer?
A. It comes with a timer and it can be operated smoothly with the remote control. Please try it out for yourself.

Q. What is the length of the power lead of this heating instrument?
A. Its power lead is 2.3 metres in length.


Sunshine Blade Heater Reviews

Edward Tucker has stated in his Sunshine Blade Heater review that he finds it pretty efficient at heating up the surroundings and has started sitting in his lawn even when it’s cooler even since he’s installed it. He says that though its remote is designed well, its range is rather limited and he has to struggle a bit in operating the heater with it. Also, the remote control of Sunshine Blade Heater was not working when it was delivered to him so he had to get it exchanged (he’s happy with the customer service experience though as they were quick to offer solutions to sort the issue and though that didn’t work, they replaced the faulty remote control promptly).

Mitchell Cox, another customer who’s been using Sunshine Blade Heater, has said her review that though it heats her home well, the range of its remote control isn’t that good. She finds the technical instructions provided in the manual of Sunshine Blade Heater difficult to follow. She is unable to figure out its auto settings, and tasks like getting the auto timer to work have still not worked. She says she’s using Sunshine Blade Heater just the way it is as she’s not able to find time and connect to the customer support people to assist her. She’s also not happy with its power cable hanging down along the unit and the small length of the cable due to which she has to use an extension to get it to work. It seems rather unsafe and also not very flattering for the interiors.


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