Sushi Shooter As Seen On TV Reviewed

About Sushi Shooter

Sushi Shooter asserts to be a smart way of making sushi at home. It declares to be used to load any ingredients and guarantees to make delicious sushi rolls quickly and easily. Sushi Shooter states to have a smart design that helps in making sushi rolls without the fuss of using traditional methods. At this point of time there are no Sushi Shooter reviews to verify this claim.



Sushi Shooter CLAIMS

Sushi Shooter proclaims that making tight and round sushi rolls is easy with its simple-to-use design. It promises one just needs to simply load it up with rice and add the desired vegetables or meat in the center. Once done it emphasizes to just snap Sushi Shooter close and twist. Next step is to shoot out the sushi, roll it up and slice. Does it sound like it too good to be true? Sushi Shooter reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Sushi Shooter alleges to help make a variety of sushi’s including tasty California rolls, spicy tuna or salmon, or the freedom to mix and convinces to match different ingredients for creating a custom roll. Sushi Shooter maintains to be perfect for using seaweed, soy, or tortillas to make healthy rolls and big burritos. The claims seems to be too far-fetched, will be confirmed only after Sushi Shooter is reviewed.


Sushi Shooter Review

Jody Harper shows disappointment in her Sushi Shooter review saying that it works decently but fails to create an inside-out reverse sushi.

A Sushi Shooter review by Regina Pierce reveals that its quality is poor and doesn’t work as shown in the advertisement. According to her review she tried making sushi several times but it just fell apart easily once shot from Sushi Shooter.

Another reviewer, Ester Lamb states that using Sushi Shooter is not as easy as it is shown in the video. But once the final push is provided it does provide a decent roll. The problem highlighted in her Sushi Shooter review is the hinges that are hard to keep together and the tricky snapping mechanism. She advices in her review that Sushi Shooter is not for beginners and only people experienced in making sushi’s can benefit out of it.

A review of Sushi Shooter by Loretta Santiago complains that sushi doesn’t come out right with it.

Cora Collier calls Sushi Shooter a total junk in her review. She says that the material is brittle and cheap plastic that doesn’t shoot sushi at all.

One other Sushi Shooter review by Diane Ingram asserts that it works ok but makes a mess while doing so. The two pieces are difficult to close together and disconnects from one another easily.

Another customer named Cassandra Norman claims in her review that Sushi Shooter makes too big a roll. Also there is no way to know how much rice is to be added. Her review further complains that Sushi Shooter’s hinges pop open too easily and can create a mess around.

A similar complaint is seen in Alexandra Sutton’s review where she states that the pieces in Sushi Shooter fall apart too easily and makes the entire process complicated.

Sheila Webster reveals in her Sushi Shooter review that its cheaply built pieces do not stay together. The shooting mechanism is a little difficult to use and the rolls are little hard to cut.

A Sushi Shooter review by Janet Underwood asserts that it is hard to clean after use. Additionally, her review says that Sushi Shooter requires practice since the hinges don’t stay connected and keeps falling off.

Krista Hunter mentions similar issue in her Sushi Shooter review. She writes that the two halves keep on falling apart and don’t lock properly even after pressing them together. She warns in her Sushi Shooter review that it requires some serious effort and isn’t for everyone.

A reviewer, Rita Baldwin, says she was frustrated using Sushi Shooter. The hinges fail to work together and the quality of the overall shooter is very poor. She also found it to be confusing to use and is quite big when compared to traditional bamboo rollers.


Sushi Shooter Questions and Answers

Q. Is one Sushi Shooter enough for use at home?
A. Yes, one is enough to prepare multiple sushi rolls.

Q. Is there a way to fix the hinges on Sushi Shooter?
A. No.

Q. Will Sushi Shooter work to create a reverse sushi roll where the rice is inside?
A. No it cannot help making a reverse sushi since the idea is to use the sticky rice on the outside to hold the vegetables. Also shooting off the rice is easier as it provides a tight grip and will not be possible if reversed.

Q. What are all the parts that are included with Sushi Shooter and how long is it?
A. The whole system comprises of three main parts – a sushi tube, a plunger and an end cap. All these parts are dishwasher safe. The item is about 12 inches long.

Q. Where is it manufactured?
A. Sushi Shooter is made in China.

Q. Is Sushi Shooter BPA free?
A. Yes.

Q. What is Sushi Shooter’s size?
A. Approximately 10 to 12 inches.

Q. Will Sushi Shooter work with short grained brown rice?
A. There is no way of telling but chances are if more water is added while cooking the brown rice it can stick together well and create a regular sushi-like grip on the ingredients and retain its shape.

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