Tac Lamp

What is Tac Lamp?

We all use a flashlight at some point or the other but sometimes we need both of our hands free and that’s when you need the Tac Lamp. The Tac Lamp is a handsfree military grade, high performance tactical headlamp use by the military, law enforcement and fire rescue!




Durable and Strong
The Tac Lamp is built strong and is guaranteed for life. It even works when frozen or even under water.


Brighter than regular flashlights
The Tac Lamp is 35x brighter than regular flashlights and can be seen about 5 nautical miles away.


Perfect for all situations
The Tac Lamp features a tactical strobe to stun and disorient attackers or intruders. It is also perfect for changing a tire, household repairs, early morning walks, walking the dog at night, and so much more! The Tac Lamp is the perfect light for anytime you don’t have a free hand to hold a light.


Pivots 90 degrees
The Tac Lamp also pivots up to 90 degrees so you can put the light exactly where you need it.


Adjustable Headband
The Tac Lamp features an adjustable headband making it easily fit any size head.


What do I get?
Order the Tac Lamp today!
Buy the Tac Lamp for just $19.99 and we’ll send you a 2nd Tac Lamp for, just pay a separate $6.95 fee
Official Website:buytaclamp.com

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