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About TactiBite Fish Call

TactiBite Fish Call states to be a device with sounds and vibrations that attract game fish by arousing their curiosity and hunger. TactiBite Fish Call claims to work on all species of freshwater and saltwater fish and gives more than 20 hours of fishing.



How does TactiBite Fish Call work?

Throw the TactiBite Fish Call near your bait and the tactile transducer or the speaker of the device proclaims to produce sounds and vibrations. The naturally curious and hungry fish are attracted by these sounds and vibrations and leap towards TactiBite Fish Call right onto your bait in search of a meal.

Catch fish like a pro – You will catch fish like a pro and go home with a big catch with TactiBite Fish Call, as it asserts. By throwing the device next to your bait, TactiBite Fish Call assures to attract fish with its sound and vibrations and leads it to your bait. Currently, there are no user reviews to verify these claims. TactiBite Fish Call emphasizes to work for more than 20 hours on AAA batteries. TactiBite Fish Call promises to have a patented anchoring system that holds the device in place. The anchor line convinces to wrap around the anchor and snap into TactiBite Fish Call for easy storage. Let’s analyze user reviews before believing TactiBite Fish Call claims.

Catches almost all freshwater and saltwater fish – TactiBite Fish Call declares that you can start the volume 2-3 clicks down the default sound of the device to catch freshwater fish that respond to the second sound or “Rattle Battle”. With this, TactiBite Fish Call guarantees to successfully catch Large mouth Bass, Channel Cat, Crappie, Bluegill, Brown Trout, Hybrid Bass, etc. Saltwater fish that respond to the first sound or “Scared Shrimp” can be successfully caught by starting the volume 1-2 clicks down from the default volume of TactiBite Fish Call, as the device maintains. You can allegedly easily catch Red Fish, Speckled Trout, Mackerel, Drum, Flounder, Snook, Yellowtail, Black Tip Shark, Blue Fish and many more. Can TactiBite Fish Call really catch all these species of fish? User reviews will reveal soon.


TactiBite Fish Call Review

Gary Thompson, a TactiBite Fish Call user showed disappointment in his review. His review says that it made realistic noises but failed to attract any fishes.

A fishing enthusiast, James Martin complains in his TactiBite Fish Call review that it is a complete waste of money. It simply doesn’t call out any fish and instead the fishes disappear after using it. The review further adds that TactiBite Fish Call didn’t work even after testing it in two different lakes where generally fishes are aplenty.

Another user Eugene Washington writes in his TactiBite Fish Call review that it failed to help catch fishes on its own. As per his review, TactiBite Fish Call was used for catching large mouth bass, sand bass, crappie, and catfish at Ft. Gibson lake in Oklahoma. His final verdict in his TactiBite Fish Call review is that it fails to provide any success in both shallow and deep waters.

A TactiBite Fish Call user Paul Taylor writes in his TactiBite Fish Call review that the sound it makes scared the fishes away.

Samuel Bryant who purchased TactiBite Fish Call reveals in his review that he tried using it for a number of times in fishing reefs and bays. There were no exceptional results and instead he found that it did not call the fish around it and instead pushed them away. His review further says that TactiBite Fish Call might work in a different situation but was not as great as advertised for him. There has no school of fishes around it once it starts making the sound.

A similar TactiBite Fish Call review is provided by Paul Taylor who tried catching fishes a couple of times using it. As per his TactiBite Fish Call review it doesn’t call the fishes and fails to perform as claimed. It failed to live up to the expectation and offered only disappointment.


TactiBite Fish Call Questions and Answers

Q. Will TactiBite Fish Call work for fishes such as the large-mouth bass?
A. Yes, use the Rattle Battle second sound for catching bass.

Q. Does TactiBite Fish Call really work? And is the warranty only for 30 days?
A. Yes, the warranty is 30 days and it works by calling the fish towards it.

Q. What is the TactiBite Fish Call range?
A. It draws fishes from up to 100 yards away.

Q. Will TactiBite Fish Call work for both freshwater and saltwater fishes?
A. Yes.

Q. Is TactiBite Fish Call effective while ice fishing?
A. No, it hardly works in any temperature or type of water.

Q. How long does its batteries last?
A. It can last up to 24 hours or more depending on the volume and usage.

Q. Can TactiBite Fish Call be used in Hawaii for spearfishing reef fish?
A. Not sure since it floats on water and draws fish towards it.

Q. What is the best way to use TactiBite Fish Call in calm waters?
A. Turn its volume to maximum in the surf and try to use it out past the breaking waves.

Q. Can TactiBite Fish Call work in 25 to 30 meters deep waters?
A. It is designed to be waterproof and float so it is more of a surface device. Also there is no depth limit or other information provided by the manufacturer.

Q. Would using two of TactiBite Fish Call work better?
A. Yes, more the volume using two devices will increase the chances of getting through and attracting more fishes. This is especially good for a noisy, windy day.

Q. Is TactiBite Fish Call a legal device?
A. Yes, it is legal to use it worldwide.

Q. Will TactiBite Fish Call work for fishing from the bank?
A. Yes, try to let the line out farther and toss it in.

Q. What sound works the best for freshwater fishes?
A. Use the second sound on the TactiBite Fish Call for fresh water fishes.


What do I get?
Buy one TactiBite Fish Call just for only $99.99 | Official Website: TheFishCall.com

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