The Bag Grabber

What is Bag Grabber?

The Bag Grabber is a bag transport device designed to conveniently carry any bag with handles. The Bag Grabber makes it easy to carry all your shopping bags preventing spills and drops.



Bag Grabber CLAIMS

Lightweight and versatile

The Bag Grabber is both lightweight and versatile allowing you to comfortably carry several handled bags in one go. The best part about the Bag Grabber is that it works with any bag with a handle.



Made from durable, high quality plastic, the Bag Grabber will not break or chip. It is designed to carry over 50 lbs. So no matter how much you shop, the Bag Grabber makes it easy for you to carry all your bags!


Ergonomically designed handle

The Bag Grabber features an ergonomically designed handle making it easy to hold. With the Bag Grabber there will be no more struggling to carry multiple bags at once. The Bag Grabber will do the job for you!


Colors available

The Bag Grabber is available in 4 amazing colors: red, blue, black and white.


One way bag lock

The Bag Grabber is easy to use. It features a one way bag lock that makes adding and removing bags a breeze. With the Bag Grabber, carrying all your grocery bags together is easier than ever before. It prevents breakage of bags and spillage too. You can also use the Bag Grabber to keep your sneakers, skates and so much more together. Order the Bag Grabber today and never struggle to carry your bags ever again!


Bag Grabber REVIEW

The Bag Grabber breaks easily and the lock is flimsy.

The quality and construction of the Bag Grabber is very poor. The opening for the handles only opens a tiny bit, so it is hard to get bags into it. Additionally, the plastic is very thin and would likely break if you carry anything over just a few pounds with the Bag Grabber.

The Bag Grabber is a piece of junk. The idea is good but the spring mechanism part is horrible. The Bag Grabber works with some difficulty but not sure how long it will last.

The material of the Bag Grabber is very cheap quality. It’s not strong enough to carry all your shopping items. Using the Bag Grabber only two times and the clips broke even without any heavy load on them.

Over-sized carabiner clips for about the same price of the Bag Grabber will work probably work a lot better.

The Bag Grabber broke with the first time of use. The piece that holds it closed so you can carry your bags broke right away. The Bag Grabber didn’t make it 2ft from the car.

The Bag Grabber doesn’t hold much weight so it’s not actually possible to load 4-5 grocery bags onto a clip. You can, but the clip opens up and the bags start slipping off making in more cumbersome than simply carrying your bags without the Bag Grabber.

The Bag Grabber is very awkward to hold and carry groceries. Tried to use the Bag Grabber a few times and it was a bigger headache to just put the bags on the hooks than to carry the groceries in without the Bag Grabber’s assistance.

The tubular construction of the Bag Grabber makes it very bulky. Heavy bags are not balanced and are clumsy to carry with the Bag Grabber.

Used the Bag Grabber several times but it’s just uncomfortable.

The only time you will have to make 2 trips is if you had bottled water packs or something that didn’t have a handle. Bag Grabber is so awesome and so convenient. Used the Bag Grabber for atleast 4 months and they were great but it broke after sometime. The Bag Grabber probably has a weight limit.

The handles of the Bag Grabber could be a tad more comfortable. They are not the most comfortable to hold but they beat the pain of carrying all your bags at once in your hands. The Bag Grabber is sturdy and can hold up to 50 lbs.


What do I get?
Bag Grabber Buy 1 Get 1 Only $9.95 + $3.95 s&h

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