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About Tough Tape

Tough Tape claims to be inspired by tape created for the military and can do things no ordinary tape can do. Tough Tape alleges to support more than 200 pounds without tearing. It claims that this kind of tape was used to fix helicopter rotor blades during the Vietnam War. This is because Tough Tape can hold repairs at speeds up to 100 miles per hour.


Tough Tape CLAIMS

Tough Tape asserts that is perfect for everyday uses too. It promises to be the solution for quick temporary fixes to long lasting solutions. Does Tough Tape really work as promised? Send us your Tough Tape review.

Tough Tape guarantees to create an airtight seal that can hold up under pressure and is watertight too. Sounds too fanciful, Tough Tape reviews will expose it soon.

It promises to be ideal for outdoor repairs and is perfect for delicate indoor work too. Tough Tape maintains that it comes off easily without leaving any sticky residue. This claim of the Tough Tape will be attested only once users review Tough Tape.

It claims to have a textured top layer so you can add a handy grip to tools or sports equipment. This claim can be proved only after we analyze the Tough Tape reviews.

It also alleges to be strong enough to pull a truck and repair a helicopter. This claim seems to be too far-fetched and will be confirmed only after Tough Tape is reviewed.

Two colors
Tough Tape is available in two colors: tactical black and desert tan.


Tough Tape Reviews

Guy Wagner used the Tough Tape and writes in his Tough Tape review- “It is just your average duct tape. My first job for this tape was to cover some small cracks around a plywood access panel in our barn to keep the cold air out. It lifts and barely sticks to the plywood, certainly no better than any brand name duct tape available from Home Depot at half the price. Maybe I got an old roll because the wax paper it is wrapped in is welded to the edges of the roll, and the fabric unravels on the edges when I pull some off”.

Marshall Osborne is disappointed with the Tough Tape and mentions in his review of it-“This seems like a good sticking tape but, it is just not sticking to the material. It curls up on the edges. I will keep the tape though because I think it will come in handy in the future”.

Clark Mclaughlin says in his review of the Tough Tape that he tried to use the tape to wrap up a leak in his irrigation system and despite that fact that it was extremely sticky and water tight the first few days, it didn’t last.

Another user, Kelvin Lloyd, mentions in his Tough Tape review- “At this price it should stick to anything under the Sun. Gorilla tape is half as much and sticks to nearly anything”.

Archie Duncan writes in his Tough Tape review that the after a period of time, it takes strength to pull the tape off the roll.


Tough Tape Questions &Answers

Q. Is Tough Tape waterproof?
A. Tough Tape is waterproof.

Q. Does Tough Tape seal the leakages permanently?
A. Nope.

Q. Can it be used in a swimming pool for duration of 4 months?
A. As for the duration, I doubt any would hold up for 4 months in a pool.

Q. Is this the issue tape? I am looking for the dark of green tape what sticks to everything.
A. This is the same 100mph tape that was issued back in the day. It is not a cheap knock off.

Q. Would the Tough Tape stick to cables and wires on a wall and hold it there?
A. It’s not its intended use but it’s very adhesive and could be used for that purpose if the wall is well cleaned.

Q. I used Tough Tape on my gear 10 years ago and it is still on there with no problem. Is this the same Tough Tape?
A. This is the same 100mph tape that I had back in the army. It is sticky and very strong. It is not like the cheap knock off that everyone is trying to pass off.


What do I get?
Please see the Official website: | Order your Tough Tape today!


Tough Tape Verdict

There are many Tough Tapes available in the market at various quantity and price range but the point is does it fulfil the purpose and is really tough than the ordinary ones?

As per the reviews the Tough Tape does the decent job and is no different from the ordinary once. Another similar product is the Gorilla tough and wide duct tape available on ranging from 1, 2 and 6 packs for $11.46, $32.99 and $83.75 respectively. It
is featured as amazon’s choice product in its category and has received 4.7 star ratings with 591 customer reviews having majority of 5 star reviews.

If you want to go for tough duct tape once look for many other options on but we would recommend to stick to ordinary duct tape or glue if they fulfil the purpose temporarily or buying new one or repairing it can be a good option.

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