Transform It

What is Transform It?

A smartly designed three-step ladder that can be used as a dolly, trolley cart and also as a hand truck. Transform It is a multipurpose ladder-like tool that claims to make your chores easy and quick. Transform It assumes multiple forms effortlessly, which, its makers proclaim, make it the perfect tool to own.

Simplifies Tasks and Enhances Convenience

As a four-wheeled dolly, Transform It turns flat so that bulky and heavy things can be placed on it and moved around easily. Transform It also gets converted into a four-wheeled trolley cart to ferry items of utility, can function as a two-wheeled hand truck that can enter smaller places and even as a three-step ladder to access places at heights easily.

Intelligent Design
Transform It has special pending flip and fold design that enable it to change its form instantly. Transform It states that it has a comfortable resting angle and a stabilizer bar that enhance security and prevent hazards due to inclining. In addition to that, Transform It is also ANSI certified for safety.

Easy to Fold and Store
Transform It has been designed to fold easily but as well as stored anywhere conveniently. Also, it can carry as much as 400 lbs. weight.


What do I get?
Transform It for only 3 Payments of $39.99+ $29.99 P&H get one Collapsible Carrying Bag + 10 Year Warranty!

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