What is TUF SHINE?

It claims to be a collection of tire cleaning solutions that help in clearing dust, dirt and grime from tires and make them shine like new. TUF SHINE Tire Shine Kit promises to be the collection of powerful tools and solutions that helps in keeping a tire as good as new.




The economical kit
TUF SHINE Tire Shine Kit declares to comprise of Tire Clearcoat, Tire Cleaner, Applicator Sponge, Tire Brush and Nitrile Gloves. How well all these solutions work will be only revealed once TUF SHINE Tire Shine Kit is reviewed.


Exceptional benefits
TUF SHINE Tire Shine Kit maintains to retain the factory lubricants of the tire and creates a barrier on the so that the sidewalls aren’t damaged by extreme weather. TUF SHINE Tire Shine Kit asserts to make tires shine like new with a deep, wet look. Although there are no TUF SHINE Tire Shine Kit reviews available to substantiate with its claims. TUF SHINE Tire Shine Kit assures there are no oils or silicone in it that otherwise makes dirt and dust cling to the tires. Instead, TUF SHINE Tire Shine Kit guarantees to protect the tire which is a claim better left on user reviews for proof.


Tuf Shine Review

Tuf Shine review reveals that it makes tires shine like brand new if applied well. However, the effect is not long-lasting and deplete after just one brushless car wash.

Tuf Shine review complains that the product is flimsy and sprays on thinly and needs cleaning the excess off of the rims and paint. Tuf Shine does look all right on drying but the shine is not as expected. The color does not withstand rain like claimed and washes off right after a light shower.

Tuf Shine review lauds it for working well with little effort. It does look good but would have been better if it lasted longer.

Tuf Shine review reveals that the shine lasts longer if the spray is wiped down but just air drying it makes it lob even if you leave the vehicle sit for almost 5 hours before driving.

Tuf Shine review asserts that the product is not disappointing and works better than similar products in the price range.It is recommendedto wipe the tires down well after spraying Tuf Shine and letting it sit for approximately an hour.

Tuf Shine review claims that it makes tires shine for approximately a week, after which they turn into a black rubber finish. Tuf Shine needs weekly application to keep tires shining like brand new while the car is parked outside. The spray lasts longer if the car is parked inside a garage. Tuf Shine is not exactly cost-effective and other product at half the price may have a similar effect.


Tuf Shine Question and Answers

Is Tuf Shine silicone based?
There’s no silicone in the tire shine spray.

Can one apply this to the entire tire?
Yes, you can apply it on the exterior of the tire.

Is Tuf Shine a solvent-based or water-based tire spray? Where does the silicone come in?
It is water-based. Solvents are destructive to things made of petroleum.

Is Tuf Shine usable on motorcycle?
Yes. Though, it’s advisable to use the tire wheel cleaner first. Wheels treated with the shine spray look like they have just been detailed even after three weeks.

How long does a bottle of Tuf Shine usually last?
Approximately four washes.

Can it be used on car mats?
No, it’s too slippery for car mats.

Is Tuf Shine usable on wet tires?
I sprayed it on the tires right after getting my car washed. The tires look great even after I took the car out a few hours later.

How does one use Tuf Shine?
It’s easy to control the coverage area thanks to the applicator. It shines the tires well and makes the shine last very long.

Does Tuf Shine make tires turn brown?
The pray has been tested on a number of tires from various manufacturers. it provides great shine that lasts for many weeks in good conditions and causes no adverse effects like browning.


What do I get?
Get Tuf Shine only for $39.99.it includes –
one 6 oz bottle of TUF SHINE Tire Clearcoat
one 22 oz bottle of ready to use Tire Cleaner
one Applicator Sponge.
one Tire Brush
one set of Nitrile Gloves
Official Website:tufshine.com

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