Twin Grip Cane

What is Twin Grip Cane?

The Twin Grip Cane is a 2-handled walking cane designed to safely, securely and easily help you get up, down, and walk all around. The Twin Grip Cane is a cane that does not slip but gives you a strong grip. With the Twin Grip Cane in your hand, there will be no more stress and strain and you will never have to ask for a helping hand ever again!



How does Twin Grip Cane work?

The Twin Grip Cane features I-Beam Solid Dual Handle Technology. The double handle design ensures you get a strong grip support for a stable and firm, easy-up leverage on the way up and the way down. When it’s time to get up, simply fold out the second handle for additional support to get up, and then fold the handle down again so it’s not in your way. It’s that easy! With the Twin Grip Cane you will never have the fear or stress of slipping ever again. The Twin Grip Cane lets you walk effortlessly in any kind of terrain. Order the Twin Grip Cane today!


Twin Grip Cane Features and benefits
• Adjustable length of 33.8” to 37.8”
• Supports up to 250 lbs.
• Weighs less than a pound
• Twin Grip Cane extends in a snap
• Retracts right back for easy storage
• Soft foam grip
• Built-in adjustable LED light
• Folds in seconds
• Pivots to accommodate you
• Quadruple tread base to stand by itself
• Lightweight and Portable


Twin Grip Cane Questions and Answers

Q. What is the weight limit of the Twin Grip Cane?
A. The weight limit is 250lbs.

Q. Is the Twin Grip Cane a left and right handed cane?
A. The handle may not pivot. Maybe the cane can be used by left- or right-handed individuals.

Q. Does the base pivot?
A. Yes the base pivots.


Twin Grip Cane Review

The Twin Grip Cane does not stand up, so you will have to bend to get it, which could be difficult.

The Twin Grip Cane does not have enough stability to get up from a sitting position.

The Twin Grip Cane is a great product idea. The battery happened not to work on receipt but Amazon refunded for that. If you are using the Twin Grip Cane to get up from a sitting position then the Twin Grip Cane may not work for you. Your butt has to be higher and even pushing forward doesn’t always mean it is at the right height to get the angle to push yourself forward and lift while pulling/pushing on handle. Even after trying it at varied heights (of handles) it does not help. The cap on the lower handle does not always stay closed. The Twin Grip Cane may not always stand up. Ideas like these are desperately needed. It would have helped getting up and off bed edge but unfortunately it doesn’t work.

The light of the Twin Grip Cane comes on easily but it should have had a switch that you have to hold to keep the light on. This problem should be corrected or the light should be eliminated and the price of the Twin Grip Cane reduced.


What do I get?
Buy Twin Grip Cane just for only $19.99 + $7.99 P&H at Official

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