Vanish it

What is Vanish it?

Vanish it is a neutral pH, white cream that gives you a quick, easy and permanent solution to completely eliminate acne and warts effectively. Vanish it acne and wart treatment can be used for approximately 60 applications.


Non-irritating and removes bacteria

Vanish it is pH neutral and does not irritate the skin when applied. It penetrates the pores to successfully remove bacteria.


Prevents re-growth and long lasting results
After using Vanish it, tiny particles of Vanish it are left behind on the skin to prevent re-growth. The remaining particles continue to remove residual bacteria for days after washing your skin. Other treatment products contain an ingredient designed to kill bacteria that causes acne or wart but this same ingredient also causes skin irritation. Vanish it does not contain this ingredient.


How to use Vanish It?

Vanish It for warts
Wash the affected area at night, dry thoroughly and apply an adequate amount of lotion to cover blemish or wart and let it sit overnight or for long as possible. Then, wash the area in the morning and use your regular skin care lotion. Repeat this process until the acne or wart has disappeared. With Vanish it you will see improvement in your warts in 3 or 4 days and complete removal in 2 weeks.


Vanish It for Acne
At night wash face with gentle non-soap, pat dry, apply Vanish it to cover blemish. In the morning wash away the white Vanish it residue and apply your regular skin care lotion. With Vanish it you will see results in 1 hour. Some types of acne may need overnight treatment or several days to clear. Order Vanish it today!


What do I get?
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