Veggie Bullet vs Cuisinart Food Processor REVIEW

Compare what is it? Veggie Bullet vs Cuisinart Food Processor

Both Veggie Bullet and Cuisinart Food Processor are food processing and prepping systems that can perform various tasks such as slicing, shredding and cutting food items. They perform these chores quickly and easily to take away the extra effort required in preparing homemade meals.
Veggie Bullet comes with a 3-in-1 system that can slice, shred, and spiralize food items easily.
Cuisinart Food Processor is a powerful food processor that can cut, puree or mix a wide variety of food items.


Compare what does it do? Veggie Bullet vs Cuisinart Food Processor

Veggie Bullet – It is perfect for slicing, shredding, and spiralizing all types of vegetables, fruits, cooked meats, and more in matter of few seconds. It can help in prepping huge quantities of food items quickly and easily.

Cuisinart Food Processor – This food processor has a 14-cup assembly and adjustable blades that allow the users to change the thickness and fineness of the food items. It has a simple and durable design with extra-large feed tube for holding fruits and vegetables comfortably. It has a single blade, cutting disk and also a dough kneader that provides uniform results for all types of food items.


Compare Features: Veggie Bullet vs Cuisinart Food Processor

Veggie Bullet – This home prep system comes with patented cyclonic spiralizer and spaghetti spiralizer blade for helping cook wide range of recipes at home. It comes with stainless steel blade with a shredder and slice accelerator for easy prepping that takes mere seconds. The entire system comprises of dishwasher safe parts and is very easy to assemble.
Cuisinart Food Processor – This 720 Watt powerful food processor with 1300 Watt peak power comes with stainless steel Adjustable Slicing Disc and Reversible Shredding Disc along with a Dough blade. It also features large and small stainless steel chopping and mixing blades featuring BladeLock System. Cuisinart Food Processor system comprises of 14 cup large bowl and a 4 ½ cup small bowl with proper measurement markings and pour spouts for convenience. For easy feeding and holding of food items it comes with a Cuisinart Supreme Wide-Mouth Feed Tube and Cover Assembly. The patent-pending SealTight Advantage System ensures that the bowls and blades are sealed and locked in place. Convenient electronic touchpad controls are complemented by Blue LED lights for selecting various functions. Cuisinart Food Processor is cleaning and storage friendly with dishwasher-friendly parts and a retractable cord.


Compare Wattage: Veggie Bullet vs Cuisinart Food Processor

Veggie Bullet – 350 Watts

Cuisinart Food Processor – 720 Watts


Compare Horsepower: Veggie Bullet vs Cuisinart Food Processor

Veggie Bullet – No information available

Cuisinart Food Processor – The system works on 120 volt, 60Hz and 6 amps ratings.


Compare Motor Speed (RPM): Veggie Bullet vs Cuisinart Food Processor

Veggie Bullet – No RPM value is provided by the manufacturer but Veggie Bullet runs for a minute and shuts off automatically to avoid overheating of the motor. It can be turned back on after 30 seconds break.

Cuisinart Food Processor – No information available


Compare Blades: Veggie Bullet vs Cuisinart Food Processor

Veggie Bullet – The slicing and Shredding System comprises of a double-sided blade in Veggie Bullet that cuts the food uniformly or shreds it into perfectly strips into the chute. For Spiralizing, Veggie Bullet has a bundle of 3 different blades that serve different purposes. It has the Angel hair Blade for gorgeous, delicate strands of tough vegetables that can add a sweet, light touch to any recipes. The Curly Fry Blade is perfect for making thick noodles, Udon Soups, Fruit Tarts, and Curly Fries that the entire family can enjoy. Its Ribbon Blade is perfect for achieving billowing, light ribbons for gourmet recipes cooked at home.

Cuisinart Food Processor – It comes with consistent and sharp stainless steel blades that are perfect for any job, from single garlic cloves prepping to kneading heavy dough. The BladeLock System ensures that the large and small stainless steel chopping and mixing blades stay locked while performing the processing.


Compare Bowl Capacity: Veggie Bullet vs Cuisinart Food Processor

Veggie Bullet – The bowl that comes with Veggie Bullet is shaped perfectly to cradle right against it to save time and effort. This custom fit bowl is made using durable plastic material and has a handy lid as well. It is large enough to store bountiful spirals, shreds, and slices.

Cuisinart Food Processor – There are two bowls that come with Cuisinart Food Processor. It has a 14 cup large work bowl that is suitable for family-sized meals while the 4 ½ cup small bowl is for single or two people meal prep purposes. These bowls are designed with pour spouts and measurement marking for convenient usage.


Compare Speed Settings: Veggie Bullet vs Cuisinart Food Processor

Veggie Bullet – There is only a single speed setting controlled using a push button in this system.

Cuisinart Food Processor – The food processing system has a single speed setting but has the option for continuous or burst of pulses operation for adding variation while prepping.


Compare Material: Veggie Bullet vs Cuisinart Food Processor

Veggie Bullet – It is manufactured using sturdy ABS plastic and stainless steel material.

Cuisinart Food Processor – It is constructed from durable stainless steel material and has BPA free parts.


Compare Noise: Veggie Bullet vs Cuisinart Food Processor

Veggie Bullet – No information available

Cuisinart Food Processor – It has quieter operation in comparison


Compare Cleaning: Veggie Bullet vs Cuisinart Food Processor

Veggie Bullet – It’s various parts can be taken out and easily cleaned using warm soapy water or placed in the top rack of a dishwasher for easy cleaning. A special brush is provided along to scrub the smaller areas inside it. The power base of Veggie Bullet should be only wiped using a damp cloth.

Cuisinart Food Processor – All its removable parts can be washed in a dishwasher easily.


Compare Price: Veggie Bullet vs Cuisinart Food Processor

Veggie Bullet – $149.00

Cuisinart Food Processor – $155.99


Compare Warranty: Veggie Bullet vs Cuisinart Food Processor

Veggie Bullet – 1 year warranty

Cuisinart Food Processor – 3 Year limited warranty


Compare Reviews: Veggie Bullet vs Cuisinart Food Processor

Veggie Bullet REVIEW

Michele Burns, a Veggie Bullet customer, writes in her review that the entire system broke down after using it for two times. In her Veggie Bullet review she calls it complete waste of money since it failed to work entirely.

Another reviewer, Mable Ellis, complains that Veggie Bullet has a 1 inch gap between the blade and the lid where all the food gets trapped and stays there. She also mentions in her review that the Veggie Bullet shot out food particles, its lid almost flew off and the machine shook weirdly.

A customer named Andrea Carter discloses in her review that Veggie Bullet is meant for use only in US and Canada since its power ratings and plug is designed for the same. She tried to use it in Europe and ended up with a burnt engine.

Lindsay Poole claims her in Veggie Bullet review that its clear thing around the changeable blade is simply not reachable for easy cleaning. So the food stuck in that part of the assembly will build bacteria and can pose a health hazard towards the family.

Another Veggie Bullet review by Nicholas Ramsey has similar concerns regarding the clear thing. He says that there is no way to adjust the thickness of slices and pushing down the plunger hard can either jam it or push the veggies further down to this clear, unreachable area of the food processor.

A Veggie Bullet review by Brent Todd reveals that the system works decently but creates a lot of mess that can take time to clean up.

Another user named Joy Garner asserts in her review that Veggie Bullet has a lot of parts put together that can take a lot of counter space. She seems to be pretty happy with the cookbook and quick instructions provided along with the system.

Doreen Soto complains in her Veggie Bullet review that she didn’t receive all the items that were mentioned while shipping. She warns other users to check the contents and match it with the actual shipping itinerary.


Cuisinart Food Processor REVIEW

Tiffany Diaz, a Cuisinart Food Processor customer, reveals in her review that it broke after one month of use. She found the bowl melted into the stem at the base too. It fused with the base in such a way that there was no way left to remove the blade from the top of the bowl.

Another customer, Jana Chavez, asserts in her Cuisinart Food Processor review that food gets easily stuck in between its pusher locking system and the lid. Her review further adds that Cuisinart Food Processor lid doesn’t fit the bowl well enough and requires extra effort to put it on and then to remove it off.

A reviewer, Kathy Cole, writes that Cuisinart Food Processor’s motor failed to function. Its cover isn’t same to what is being advertised and seems to misfit the machine. She also found that the plastic material broke way too easily.

Kirk Reid, shares in his Cuisinart Food Processor review that it’s poorly made safety feature breaks easily. He calls it as a waste of money and suggests getting something else.

Another review of Cuisinart Food Processor by Thomas Quinn complains that its opening is small and doesn’t even fit a while carrot and requires slicing for feeding. According to his review, Cuisinart Food Processor is made using cheap, flimsy material that can break way too easily.

Ethel Welch asserts in her Cuisinart Food Processor review that its website doesn’t work and there are no instruction manual provided along for understanding its blade assembly and use easily.

Another frustrated user Emily Ortega writes in her Cuisinart Food Processor review that it is pretty and difficult to clean. The attachments don’t house inside the machine and takes more counter space than she expected. As per her review, assembling parts of Cuisinart Food Processor is difficult and forcing anything can result into breaking. She also mentions that the cord is pretty short and the machine fails to perform as promised.

Vicky Hill, a reviewer, writes that Cuisinart Food Processor leaks a lot and fails to lock the blade into position. In her review she says that the blade spirals away from its socket while it is processing. She also says that one has to buy the dough blade for Cuisinart Food Processor since it is not included in the package.

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