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About Vertical Spin Trainer

Vertical Spin Trainer states to be exercise equipment that combines an elliptical trainer, bike, and stepper in one machine to burn more calories and sculpt the body. Vertical Spin Trainer promises to be super quiet and have zero vibration while working out. Vertical Spin Trainer emphasizes that it can be easily wheeled to workout anywhere in the house or outside.



Vertical Spin Trainer CLAIMS

You allegedly just need to work out 15 minutes a day, thrice a week on Vertical Spin Trainer to burn more calories and get a better sculpted body. The three degrees of activation of Vertical Spin Trainer declare to give you a complete body workout – cardio workout at Level 1, abs and core workout at Level 2, and lower body workout such as hips, butt and thighs at Level 3.


Perfectly sculpted body
Vertical Spin Trainer claims to combine spin bike, elliptical, and stepper to give you great workout right at home. The eight resistance levels of Vertical Spin Trainer assure to give workout to any fitness level. The machine weighs 40-50 lbs and can be wheeled on two sets of wheels and folded up. Even though the sticker on the machine says it has a weight limit of 250 lb, someone closer to 300 lbs and 6’6” tall can also work out on it. Vertical Spin Trainer asserts that it comes with a smartphone holder and you can also attach a tablet holder to it. Let’s analyze Vertical Spin Trainer user reviews before believing these claims.


Complete body workout
Vertical Spin Trainer convinces that apart from the lower body workout with spin bike and stepper combo that’s good for the legs and the heart, one can do pushups in the lower position to get a good upper body exercise. Vertical Spin Trainer guarantees that you can pedal backwards on it and stand upright if the arms are kept pushed out straight. There are no user reviews of Vertical Spin Trainer available to verify these claims. Vertical Spin Trainer promises to be safe for anyone who has no physical shortcomings. Vertical Spin Trainer maintains to have no skinny cycling seat to cause soreness to the lower back. The trainer needs very little assembling and folds for easy storage unlike bulky machines. Vertical Spin Trainer proclaims to be super quiet and have zero and rocks back and forth with the body’s motion. Did you find Vertical Spin Trainer that useful? Send us your user reviews.


Vertical Spin Trainer Review
Vertical Spin Trainer review says that its assembly was simple and one could use their own set of pliers to secure the bolts tightly. The tools included with the machine are thin and cheaply constructed. The body of Vertical Spin Trainer comes assembled and the user needs to attach the handle, peddles, bottom stands, and the monitor. Putting it together is quick and Vertical Spin Trainer gives a good cardio workout.

Vertical Spin Trainer review states that its pedals have anti slip bumps on them that prevent shoes from slipping. Working out wearing socks or thin bottom shoes causes discomfort. The pedals are comfortable for size 8 shoes and there are yellow reflectors on both ends. Peddling on Vertical Spin Trainer is quite smooth with no jerky motions. It allows one to pedal backwards with the same resistance as pedaling forward. Vertical Spin Trainer is extremely quiet with no chain or cable noise and no swishing.

Vertical Spin Trainer review points out that it does not have anything to assist you and you use your own body weight. In spite of a sleek look, the machine has a sturdy construction. Vertical Spin Trainer steady and does not move around on a hardwood floor. However, it could need soft carpet or sandy beach. Vertical Spin Trainer has no electrical malfunctions and is great for small spaces.

Vertical Spin Trainer review states that it was quite easy to put together. There are many accessories included with the trainer such as a state-of-the-art timer, a mobile phone holder, a workout and food guide, which is not useful and workout DVDs.

Vertical Spin Trainer review reveals that all the pieces of the machine and tools come packed in the box. The monitor needs 2 AAA batteries to work. Assembly was confusing with all the wires but manageable after a few tries. Vertical Spin Trainer works great on the thighs and quads. Those suffering from knee problems should go easy, and build stamina and strength before going full steam on Vertical Spin Trainer.

Vertical Spin Trainer review says that its upright design provides a more intense workout than expected. Working out is fun.


What do I get?
30 days trial offer of Vertical Spin Trainer only cost you $14.95 + S&H
-The Vertical Spin Trainer machine
-A book titled “Triple Action Burner Program,” to show you how to exercise with the machine
-Slim & Trim meal plan, giving you the nutritional information you need to maximize your weight loss
-Workout DVDs, which have regimens that last 5, 8, and 15 minutes

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