Vino Pop Perfect Wine Opener REVIEW

About Vino Pop

Vino Pop claims to be an innovative way to open wine bottles effortlessly. It assures that its smart design can pull out corks without the traditional hassles and without leaving bits of the cork inside the wine. Once fixed, Vino Pop should be pumped for about 2 or 3 times and popped to open.



How does Vino Pop work?

It proclaims to harness the power of air to literally pop the cork out. Vino Pop comes with a pin in the center that goes through the cork.

Pop wine bottles swiftly – You can open wine bottle corks with ease and least effort with Vino Pop, as its creators promise. It asserts to have a swift mechanism that uses air instead of batteries or CO2 cartridges available in other openers to do the job. How well does Vino Pop fare in comparison to these other openers will be only known once users review it.

Comfortable design – The design of Vino Pop is declared to be easy to use even by seniors. It guarantees to not break a cork in the process or leave its bits inside the wine. Such farfetched claims made by Vino Pop will be only verified once we analyze its user reviews.

Durable body – Vino Pop maintains to have a stainless steel and poly-carbonate guard with a pin in the middle that performs consistently every single time. It also states that removing corks out from it for reuse requires a simple push. Did you find Vino Pop as good as its claims? Send us your reviews.


Vino Pop Reviews

Lawrence Holmes, a Vino Pop reviewer, says that he tried removing three corks and found that it worked only on one of them. As per his observation, Vino Pop failed to build any pressure inside it. In his review, he says that he pumped it several times to see no results.
A Vino Pop review by Ricardo Barker asserts that it is made using cheap plastic material. Its durability lasted for only a few uses. According to his review, he got hurt badly because Vino Pop broke and slammed into his hand.

According to Norma Rhodes’s review, too, Vino Pop broke after 12 uses. The pressure that built up by pumping exploded the top portion and it shot out all the seals. This is pretty dangerous and after breaking, one of the seals went missing rendering it useless. Her Vino Pop review complains that it doesn’t work as advertised at all.

One other customer, Shannon Horton, reveals in her Vino Pop review that it exploded the whole bottle into her face. The bottle spread across a 20-feet diameter with tiny glass particles all over. She got hurt in the process due to tiny glass particles. She adds in her review that Vino Pop is cheap in quality and warns other customers against using it.

Thelma Carr calls Vino Pop a poorly constructed wine opener in her review. According to her Vino Pop review, she tried using it on 7 different bottles and couldn’t get it to work. She noticed that the air started to come out from the end of the needle instead while pumping.

A disappointed Ross Sims states in his Vino Pop review that it doesn’t work at all and deems it a waste of money.

In his review, Keith Burke suggests that Vino Pop works only if the cork has a good seal with the bottle. It will otherwise push the air out from the sides and the cork will stay put.

A review by Marcos Gomez calls Vino Pop useless since the pumping action doesn’t work and is a struggle to use. His review also asserts that Vino Pop doesn’t come with any direction to use and is made of flimsy material.

Harriet Fernandez complains in her Vino Pop review that its pin is too short to go through some wine bottles. The review further says that Vino Pop’s pumping action is pretty difficult and can create high pressure that will splash the wine while pulling the cork out.


Vino Pop Questions & Answers

Q. Is the needle in Vino Pop sturdy enough or does it break while using? Is inserting this needle easier when compared to the screw based removers?
A. Vino Pop does have a sturdy needle that penetrates the cork easily but its mechanism might not work as promised. It’s a good concept theoretically but doesn’t work practically and is a waste of money.

Q. Does Vino Pop required CO2 cylinder for its pumping action?
A. No, it uses only air to pop open the cork.

Q. Is Vino Pop safe and easy to use with a single hand?
A. It says so but it has been noticed that it doesn’t get enough pressure to drive the cork out of its place. Otherwise, as per the manufacturer, Vino Pop can be used with a single hand.

Q. Will the Vino Pop’s needle push the cork into the bottle?
A. No, Vino Pop smartly pumps air into the bottle and sucks out the cork using the extra pressure generated from within the bottle. Also the cork stays on the opener till it is removed manually.

Q. Can the cork be removed easily from Vino Pop’s needle?
A. Yes, the cork is removable and can be done with the help of a plastic disk attached to it. Simply push Vino Pop ahead without the need to touch the cork or the needle to slide it off easily.

Q. Is Vino Pop difficult to pump especially for older folks?
A. The pumping action in Vino Pop is pretty easy but the problem older folks might face is sticking the needle through the cork.

Q. Will Vino Pop require placing the wine bottle on the table for use?
A. Yes, it’s because the user might need to use both hands to pump and pop the cork. Its mechanism is functional but is a little weak and requires that extra effort.

Q. Does Vino Pop work on synthetic corks as well?
A. No, in fact, it hardly works on regular corks. It might even add so much air that the bottle explodes causing harm to the user and people around.

Q. Can Vino Pop really be used by anyone? Is it easier to open a cork with Vino Pop in comparison with other openers?
A. Yes, Vino Pop is very easy to use and requires only 2 or 3 pumps to pull the cork out.

Q. How many times can Vino Pop be used?
A. Vino Pop can be used unlimited times since it is an air pump and doesn’t need any kind of batteries or refill.

Q. Is it safe to remove the cork out without sticking the needle to yourself?
A. Yes, a clear circular ring above the needle safeguards the user. To remove the cork one needs to gently press this plastic ring down and push the cork out of the needle without the need to touch either of the two.

Q. Does Vino Pop really remove the cork quickly?
A. No, chances are it won’t pop it up even after 15 odd pumps.

Q. Can the cork pulled using Vino Pop be reused?
A. Yes, it creates a tiny hole that doesn’t really ruin the cork and wouldn’t leak the bottle either.


What do I get?

  • 2 Vino Pop Perfect Wine Openers
  • 2 Perfect Seal Wine Sealers
  • 2 Perfect Cutter Foil Cutters
  • 2 Perfect Aerator Pour Spouts
  • 2 Organizing Pouches

Price: $19.99 + $5.99 P/H at the Official website:

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  1. This thing is the biggest POS I’ve fell for in a long time. First 3 times nothing happened.
    Then I pumped it 36 pumps and the cork moved 1/8th of an inch before I gave up fearing the bottle might explode before the cork came out. I will be trying to get my money back for this junk.

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