Whirly Ball

What is Whirly Ball?

As per the TV ad it is an LED Galaxy ball that shines bright and floats in the air using smart Infrared Sensor Induction Suspension Technology. Whirly Ball guarantees to bring life to any party or play with friends and family with its bright LED light and flying up to 15 feet high up above any surface.



Whirly Ball CLAIMS

Gravity-defying tricks
The Whirly ball proclaims to be extremely easy to operate with no assembly required. There are no user reviews of Whirly Ball to verify these claims yet. Whirly Ball asserts that it needs no remote control to operate and the player himself is a remote control. It maintains to charge with USB cable and needs no expense of batteries to function. These claims are yet to be certified by user reviews of Whirly Ball.


Stable and Safe
With Whirly Ball, you can allegedly perform gravity-defying tricks for your friends and family whether indoors or outdoors when there is no wind. The Gyroscope of Whirly Ball provides stability and optimal flight control. Whirly Ball promises to be safe to play with its ultra-durable and safe propeller stopping automatically stopping when in contact. Let’s wait for Whirly Ball reviews to know if it’s true.


What do I get?
You can get Whirly Ball for $14.99 + $6.99 P&H. A second ball is added to your order for another $6.99 P&H.at Official Website:buywhirlyball.com

2 Comments on "Whirly Ball"

  1. It works as shown on TV very easy to use. I bought 5 of them for grandchildren’s Xmas. Ages 5-8 no problems.

    I paid $3.00 ea. at 5 Below a store in Stoughton, MA

  2. Tammy Hutchins | 27th October 2017 at 5:18 pm | Reply

    I bought one of these balls at a store for 10.00. The first time my seven year old tried it, the ball flew away and never came back. 100 percent satisfaction didn’t matter when I called the number in the pamphlet. Because it flew so high and far away, there is no way to find the thing, but they didn’t care that my child was crying because his toy just flew away on the first try at using it. He had begged me for this toy for a month. I give in and now it is just gone. What a rip off. The representative told me that if I can find it, they will replace it. Well, if I could find it, I wouldn’t need it replaced. Duuuuuuu.

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