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About White Light

White Light claims to be a teeth whitening system that uses an innovative light technology to eliminate stains on teeth and make them brighter. It asserts to cause no sensitivity and saves time and money on whitening.



How Does White Light Work?

One simply needs to insert the White Light tray into their mouth, activate the light, and let it stay for 10 minutes. White Light proclaims to combine a patent pending light system and specially-formulated gel that remove surface stains and penetrate deep to eliminate embedded stains.


Teeth Whitening Right at Home
The innovative White Light system alleges to give brighter and whiter teeth quickly, painlessly, and easily right at home using the same light technology employed by dentists and needs no appointments or big expense. There are no user reviews of White Light yet to verify these claims.


Eliminates all Kinds of Stains
Whether caused by tea, coffee, fruit juice, red wine, cola, smoking, or even aging White Light assures to eliminate all kinds of stains. Is White Light that effective? User reviews will reveal more. It promises to cause no sensitivity and takes just 10 minutes to show results. Send us your reviews of White Light if that’s true.


White Light Questions and Answers

Q. I haven’t used other whitening kits except Crest. How can I be sure that White Light is safe?
A. The whitener doesn’t work at all. Don’t buy it.

Q. How are the molds of White Light – hard and inflexible or soft and flexible after heating, molding to the teeth and cooling?
A. The molds of White Light are extremely soft and flexible like rubber, but not enough to they lose shape.

Q. Will the mouth pieces of White Light fit on my teeth that are not so straight?
A. Since the mouth pieces are moldable to mouths of any size, they should fit anyone.

Q. Will White Light hurt my sensitive teeth?
A. Your teeth won’t hurt but the whitener does cause burning sensation to sensitive gums.

Q. What are the ingredients?
A. There’s no information on White Light ingredients…You won’t find the information. It contains peroxide and will irritate gums if it comes in contact with them. It does work and makes teeth whiter after 1-2 times.

Q. Does White Light work on porcelain crowns? Will it cause teeth sensitivity?
A. It does not work on porcelain crowns and makes teeth somewhat sensitive.

Q. How long White Light take to show results?
A. The difference is not very noticeable and the teeth whitener takes a long time to work. You need to abstain from things like coffee, smoking and red wine that cause stains. White Light alone cannot whiten teeth.

Q. How does one use White Light?
A. Take the White Light gel on the mouth pieces. Insert the mouth pieces in your mouth and allow the gel to coat your teeth. Stick the light in your mouth and keep it for approximately 15 minutes. Rinse the mouth with water.

Q. Does the White Light gel have any taste?
A. Other than tasting a bit like peroxide White Light doesn’t have any taste.

Q. Is White Light usable with braces?
A. Yes. The White Light mouth pieces are moldable to fit your braces but not too effective.

Q. Will using White Light hurt my gums?
A. If the gel comes in contact with your gums and you use the light your gums will burn and turn white. But it comes back to normal soon.

Q. Does White Light give fast results?
A. No, the process is slow and teeth may hurt. You need to take it slow and use it for 20 minutes a day twice a week.

Q. Is White Light safe to use on my gold tooth?
A. It is advisable to avoid using White Light on that tooth.

Q. How does White Light work?
A. Put the clear try in boiling water for a few seconds and then place it on your upper and lower teeth. After the tray gets an impression of your teeth, place the gel inside and place it onto your teeth. Speed up the whitening process by placing the light directly in front of your teeth. Allow it to stay for about 10-15 minutes. Repeat this procedure once in two days till you achieve whiteness you want.

Q. Can an underage person, like a minor, use White Light?
A. I’m 18 years old and I use the whitener, although sparingly since I have sensitive teeth and using even a normal amount hurts them. It may not be advisable for someone under 16 years of age to use White Light because it has potent chemicals that could harm sensitive teeth or teeth that that are not fully matured. If you’re unsure of using it, you could use lesser amount than normal.

Q. Does the light of White Light activate with a battery?
A. It is not clear if batteries are included in the package.

Q. What type of battery is used in White Light?
A. It’s not clear.


White Light REVIEW

White Light review states that White Light is ineffective and a waste of money and brings no change in teeth color.

White Light reviews warn buyers to buy it at their own risk. It light does not work in spite of changing batteries and the battery terminals were corroded. There was no link to request for a replacement.

White Light review adds that it comes soiled, stinky and in a crumbled packaging. Its battery burned out on first use while the new batteries don’t last even one session.

White Light review clarifies that it does not have a dispenser for the two gels so it’s impossible to get equal amounts and the instructions do not correspond with the contents.

White Light review points out that this seems diluted and ineffective compared to the one bought from the company before that worked well.

White Light reviews complain that it works if the user’s teeth are not stained by aging or other agents. On regular usage, gums get irritated and even bleed. One can only use it before special occasions. Whiteners prescribed by dentists are better and this one is not recommended at all.

White Light review says that teeth did not whiten in spite of following all the instructions.


What do I get?
Buy White Light just for only $19.99 only.at Official Website:getwhitelight.com

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