Wiggle Tower REVIEW

What is Wiggle Tower?
It’s a cat toy tower with an animated squiggle worm moving up and down randomly that keeps cats engaged for hours.



Wiggle Tower CLAIMS

Keep your Kitty Busy all Day long – Wiggle Tower claims it’s the best toy for cats that can keep them busy and entertained all day long. If you’re busy or tired stop and want your pet cat to stay calm, you can count on Wiggle Tower to sort them out.

Intelligent Design and Make – Wiggle Tower boasts of having a smart design and a base so strong that it won’t topple even if cats jump on it. It has several holes on it through which the squiggle worm keeps popping in and out. Wiggle Tower captures the attention of cats and entices them to figure out where the worm will emerge from next so it can be grabbed.

Thoughtful Functions – Wiggle Tower features 360° design, which it proclaims, lets even five cats to play with it together. You just need to press its button to turn it on. The squiggle worms move on the Wiggle Tower randomly, so cats stay intrigued and challenged throughout. Also, Wiggle Tower stays on for 15 minutes, after which it switches off on its own.


Wiggle Tower Review

Desiree Simspon who used the Wiggle Tower toy mentions in her review – “I have used a lot of such teaser Cat toys but would stay away from anything that is battery operated. There are plenty of simple cat toys out there in the market that can keep your cat busy for hours without break and they cost under $10. This Wiggle Tower looks too complicated and you have to keep replacing the batteries. Also a healthy cat may kill the toy.”

Arlene Barrett complains in her Wiggle Tower review – “Not impressed with the Wiggle Tower as one of the reviewer pointed out – battery operated cat toys are short-lived PERIOD. Why would I spend $30 on this Wiggle Tower, sorry you can’t take me for a ride. You are better off buying a cheap interactive toy for less than $10.00.”

Mary Gordon states in her review – “This toy can be easily toppled, buyers beware don’t buy the Wiggle Tower toy. Great concept but looks flimsy.”

One user Stacey Simmons who bought Wiggle Tower reveals in her review that its motor is noisier than expected. It scared the cat instead of engaging it.

Another Wiggle Tower user Ida Gonzales writes in her review that its plastic material and grooves designed on the surface are poorly built. The review also says that bigger cats might not enjoy Wiggle Tower due to a lack of multiple layers or multiple tower sections.

A Wiggle Tower user Ashley Fox appreciates its usability in her review. Her Wiggle Tower review also says that the automatic shut off feature is a boon for extending battery life but is a curse when it comes to active cats. One needs to get up and switch it on again so the cats can keep playing.

The mechanism and sturdiness were a concern for a user, as they mentioned in their review of Wiggle Tower. The primary concern mentioned in this Wiggle Tower review is about the thin wire and its motor that might not be able to hold up against an energetic cat. The commercial also fails to explain how it will last against sharp cat claws.


What do I get?
Wiggle Tower Cat Toy for only $29.99 plus $5.99 P&H get second one just pay separate $5.99 P&H. Official Website: WiggleTower.com

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  1. I order this month’s ago. Never got it. And the web site is gone.

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