What is Windobully?

Half of all break-ins happen through sliding windows and doors and using security systems scan till let the burglars enter your home. Now there is a safe way to ensure your home is always secured. Here’s introducing the Windobully, a universal lock designed for sliding windows and glass doors. With WindoBully you will always have peace of mind knowing your windows and doors are always secure. With Windobully no burglar can ever enter your home.



Windobully CLAIMS

Child-proof, pet door and fresh air
Windobully lets you child-proof your home giving you added safety for your child. With Windobully all your windows will stay closed or open as you want them so your child will always be within eye-view. Windobully lets you create a pet door so your pets can enter and exit as they want. Windobully ensures your home is always filled with fresh air from the outside.


How to use Windobully?
Windobully takes only seconds to installs and requires no tools. Simply peel, stick and lock! It also removes easily leaving no damage.


How does Windobully work?
Windobully is designed with a patented track and lock system to give you 3 variable settings: locked, partially open and or fully open. Windobully works on horizontal windows, vertical windows and any sliding glass door. Windobully comes with a lock holder to use when your window is all the way up. It also has a break-in force tested up to 300lbs! Order the Windobully today and always have peace of mind knowing your doors and windows are always secured!


What do I get?
Buy Two WindoBully 4-packs are priced at $19.95 plus $15.90 S&H, which includes:
4 WindoBully locks
4 lock holders
4 cleaning pads
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