Window Wonderland REVIEW

What is Window Wonderland

As per the infomercial it is a projector that projects dazzling graphics and movies onto a window during Christmas and Halloween available at the official website:



What does Window Wonderland claim to do?

Decorating made easy – Window Wonderland guarantees that it is the best way to decorate the house exterior during Christmas and Halloween. Window Wonderland asserts to be a revolutionary projector that transforms the regular windows into a screen to display dazzling graphics and movies. More shall be revealed once Window Wonderland is reviewed. Window Wonderland promises that its Advanced Projection Technology creates bright, colorful output and its audio upgrade option helps the picture come to real life. At this point of time there are no Window Wonderland reviews available to attest to its claims.

Easy to setup – Window Wonderland declares to look like a classic Hollywood projector with options to switch between 6 Christmas and 6 Halloween movies. It also has an option to switch from vertical to horizontal orientation and vice versa. Place Window Wonderland near the window and project movies on the easy fit screen to start the show. For convenience sake, this durable Window Wonderland alleges to have an adjustable stand for tilting and angling the movie onto the window. Did you find it attractive? Send us your reviews.


Window Wonderland REVIEW

Melissa Copeland, a Window Wonderland user reveals in her review that the projector doesn’t have enough brightness and requires complete darkness for complete visibility.

Another customer Joshua Elliot says similar things in his Window Wonderland review. He had to switch off all the inside lights to allow the projector to show images in clarity. As per his Window Wonderland review it is an impractical solution for decoration.

One other Window Wonderland user Floyd Maxwell asserts in his review that the projector’s build quality is poor and seems more like a toy than a device. His review further states that Window Wonderland is very dim. Plus it doesn’t have better animations to keep the guests fascinated.

Cecil Parsons complains in her Window Wonderland review that it is a cheaply built device. It is not worth the price it comes for and doesn’t project bright images till it is completely dark inside or outside.


Window Wonderland Questions and Answers

Q. What types of videos can be played on Window Wonderland?
A. Not sure about the format of the videos, but all the videos are pre-loaded, you cannot play your videos.

Q. Can videos be loaded externally using a USB/S card?
A. All videos on Window Wonderland are pre-loaded. No external videos can be played.

Q. Where is Window Wonderland to be placed?
A. It should be placed in the front of the window screen.

Q. How can a picture be made larger using Window Wonderland?
A. Change the position of the projector and move it further away from the screen.

Q. Does it come with only videos or has still images too?
A. Window Wonderland has only videos in it.

Q. Is Window Wonderland weatherproof for using it outside the house?
A. No, it is not weatherproof and will not survive exterior climate, especially harsh cold weathers.

Q. Does it require a connection to computer or works on its own?
A. It has preloaded videos and works on its own.

Q. Does it come with an HDMI input?
A. No.

Q. What is the voltage rating on Window Wonderland?
A. It works with 110 volts power supply.

Q. How long does it bulb last?
A. Approximately 1000 hours.

Can Window Wonderland be connected to an external speaker?

Q. What makes Window Wonderland unique over other cheaper options available online?
A. It is a cheap imitation of other branded and successful holiday movie projectors in the market. It is very cheap in comparison with other options, users can get 2 projectors at the price of one that is $60.


Window Wonderland Price
Buy the Window Wonderland for $59.99 at

6 Comments on "Window Wonderland REVIEW"

  1. We order two was charge for four,which we got but will not give us our money back in full .the picture is really not that great .i try to sell to friends and no one wanted them so I’m out the money and stuck with two I don’t want and can’t get my money back!

  2. We order two,and was charge and ship four. Will not give our money back in full. So I’m out money and stuck with ones I don’t want

  3. Virginia Towers | 2nd November 2017 at 12:19 am | Reply

    Glad I read the reviews to know not to buy

  4. They sell your name to other company’s and sent stuff my husband told them four times not to send ,they did anyways now my account is out 45.00 on something I did not want I have to pay to ship it back! Don’t deal with these people I’m sorry I did!!

  5. I bought mine at a retail store. Set it up if a few minutes. I read other reviews that said it couldn’t be seen from the street, but since mine is set up in a dark room, it can be seen from the street and the images are clear. I keep the door shut to the room when it is on so that the images aren’t diluted by ambient light sources. It has its limitations as far as images, but I like it and would recommend it to others. I think that the key is setting it up in a room that can be kept dark while it is being used. I got mine at 20% off, which made it a better buy.

  6. Beverly Robison | 8th December 2017 at 11:02 pm | Reply

    I purchased one in sept for Christmas plugged t in doesn’t work only has a 30 day warranty I guess I lost $60.00

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