Wonder Purse

What is Wonder Purse ?

Looking for your items in your regular handbag can be quite a challenge but now there is an amazing handbag that keeps your personal items in place and helps you stay organized. Here’s introducing the Wonder Purse, an ultra slim butterfly open purse designed to store more than 100 personal items and keep it neatly organized so you can find whatever you need in a jiffy.



Wonder Purse Claims

Wonder Purse is designed with an outer-clip for keys, phone pocket, and the 180 degree design unzips flat so you can find everything you need instantly.

Wonder Purse features over 24 pouches, sleeves and pockets to keep you neatly organized. With the Wonder Purse you can safely store your coins, credit-cards, cosmetics, tablet, comb, wallet, phones and more. It also features an expandable zipper that opens up to give you more room to keep more items like a water bottle or an umbrella.

You can carry the Wonder Purse over your shoulder, across your body to be hands-free, or simply detach the straps and hold the Wonder Purse by the handles. With the Wonder Purse you will be both stylish and organized.

You are guaranteed to love the convenience the Wonder Purses offers! With the Wonder Purse in your hands you can stay organized and access all your items that are usually cluttered in your bag. Order the Wonder Purse today!


Wonder Purse Questions and Answers

Q. Does the Wonder Purse have credit-card slots and how many?
A. The Wonder Purse has 6 credit-card slots.

Q. Will a 9 x 5 inch midori notebook fit inside the Wonder Purse?
A. It could fit.

Q. Would the side cell phone holder hold an iphone 6+?
A. Not sure about the iPhone 6 but the iPhone 5c fits perfectly.

Q. Is the Wonder Purse made of leather?
A. It does not say leather on the site or the video.

Q. How do you remove the oil smell from leather products?
A. Don’t know.

Q. Does the Wonder Purse have a chemical odor? Is it pure leather?
A. It may not be leather but it could have a strong smell.

Q. Can an iPad mini fit in the large section of the Wonder Purse? My iPad has a very slim case?
A. An iPad fits easily in the large section.


Wonder Purse Review

The Wonder Purse is just about average but is not big enough.

Make sure you look at the size because the Wonder Purse is very small. It is a small carry bag that could be put inside a carry-on luggage or even inside your luggage. The Wonder Purse is about the size of a small purse. It is nice, but small. The Wonder Purse has a lot of compartments to carry things. I should have been larger.

The Wonder Purse is out-dated looking and the cell phone pouch is an old style.

The Wonder Purse is a well made bag, but much bigger than the description stated.

The Wonder Purse is great for those who like lots of different pockets to organize stuff and it the perfect size. It is neither too big nor too small. The only problem is that it really smells and those with strong sensitivity should not buy the Wonder Purse. Even after leaving it out for a couple of days it still had a smell. It is better to carry your medicines/vitamins in a small glass container otherwise they absorb the smell.

The Wonder Purse is cheaply made. It holes easily from the inside and the strap comes loose.

There is something lacking in the overall construction of the Wonder Purse. The phone slot seems makeshift. The zippers of the Wonder Purse are not smooth sliding and catch if not moved carefully.

The Wonder Purse handle tore off after only a month, which is a shame because the purse is perfect for other needs in every other way.

The Wonder Purse has a nice design but the carry handle ripped right out of the mounting point. The leather at the mounting point was tissue-paper thin. With so many wisps and threads hanging out of the corners of pockets and off the bottom it started to look shabby.

The fake leather finish rubbed off and the lining ripped. Wonder Purse is a good design but with poor construction and materials. The elastic should be lengthened. The flap does not look like the one in the picture. It is thinner, so your phone is more exposed and could get wet in the rain.


What do I get?
you will get the Wonder Wallet™ in your choice of color for only $19.99 plus $5.99 processing and handling.second Wonder Wallet™ in the same color, you just pay the separate $5.99 processing and handling.at Official Website:wonderpurse.com

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  1. Esther Ramirez | 9th June 2017 at 11:01 pm | Reply

    I order a wonder Purse the beginning of may n have not heard from you, I call n leave messages n nobody call me back.I like to know the status of my order. PLEASE thanks

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