Wonder Vision

What is Wonder Vision?

It’s a powerful set of 3D hands-free illuminated magnifying glasses that enlarge whatever you view over five times. Wonder Vision claims to be the perfect replacement for traditional magnifying glasses you may have been using all along.


No More Struggling to See Clearly

Projected as a smart alternative to ordinary magnifying glasses, Wonder Vision is designed to be worn on your forehead from where it throws ultra-bright double LED lights, which along with four optical grade lenses, supposedly illuminate and expand the smallest objects.


Fits Prescription Glasses and All Sizes
Wonder Vision also proclaims that it’s a one size fits all illuminated head magnifier and can also be worn over prescription glasses by anyone. This statement implies that one can count on Wonder Vision to carry out the most intricate tasks effortlessly, read the smallest print easily and also magnify tiniest objects up to 5.2 times.


Useful for Everyone
3D magnifying glasses like Wonder Vision can be used by professionals and elders as well as by kids, hobbyists or anyone for important tasks or to have fun. Wonder Vision brings virtually everything into lighted focus thanks to the ultra-bright LED lights and four optical grade lenses.


What do I get?
one set of Wonder Vision™ glasses with 4 interchangeable lenses and carrying case for $14.99 + $4.99 processing and handling, get a 2nd set of Wonder Vision™ glasses with 4 interchangeable lenses and carrying case with it.
Official Website:buywondervision.com

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