What is Xcape360?

It is a new virtual reality glasses that give access to thousands of free Virtual Reality app, videos and games. Xcape360 works with any smart phone and/or iPod when connected to each other.



A Whole New World of Virtual Reality

If you want to take the virtual reality experience to the next level, Xcape360 is what you might be looking for. It is created as smart virtual reality glasses that comes alive when connected to a smart device and worn on eyes. Xcape360 promises matchless electrifying action unfold right before your eyes when worn.


Loads of Activities to Choose from
Using Xcape360 gives you access to thousands of free Virtual Reality app, videos and games. Xcape360 even goes a step further as it enable you to make your own virtual reality movies simply by clipping your camera lens to it.

Packed with Amazing Features, Comfortable to Use
The makers of Xcape360 state that it is loaded with a host of exciting features such as adjustable focus control, 3D mini lens, adjustable dual high definition lens, suction cup device holder, three cooling vents and a removable access panel for camera lens. Also, Xcape360 is lightweight so you can wear it comfortably all through.


Xscape360 Review

A section of people have shared their experiences about using Xcape360. While some find Xcape360 an interesting innovation, others feel that it ought to be better.

Some responses for Xcape360 are quite interesting. A customer said that he finds Xcape360 very cool, but a bit stressful on eyes at times as he wears glasses. He says though he likes Xcape360, he can’t use it much as it’s difficult for him to focus due to his glasses.

Some users think that Xcape360 is good but not really the best. Quite a few have said they find it stressful on eyes. Some are also saying it’s not that compatible with iPhone 5 and is too small to manage the supports on its headset.

A majority of users of Xcape360 have complained that it lacks a button necessary for operating it directly. In fact, many users say that lack of button to operate Xcape360 properly with is a major issue. Some have also described how Xcape360 just shows split and out of focus images when they connect it with their iPhone 6 handset. They have explained in detail the problems they face. Some even say that due to this problem, this gaming gadget is not worth the price it comes for.

There’s a review by a user who says that the adjustments provided to align the eyes to focus better with Xcape360 are good enough. But his eyes are a bit narrow, so he finds some difficulty while using it. But he says that the padding around the frames is fine and he faces no problem using his phone connected to Xcape360. He can’t wear this headset for too long as it exerts strain on his eyes.

One customer has said that Xcape360 should’ve been designed keeping the comfort factor foremost in mind. She says she likes the unit though it should’ve been provided with more controls. There’s another user who’s posted that Xcape360 is ‘not comfortable at all’. He’s very disappointed with its design. Lack of instructions for using Xcape360 is another issue raised by some customers.

Still, quite a few customers have said that Xcape360 is a well-designed gadget that meets most of the needs. Some have also said they wish Xcape360 was a hardcore VR gadget. They say that glasses make it quite easy to focus on what’s displayed in the headset. However, issues of adjustment for eyesight differences come in here.

One user said he finds the face pad and head bands of Xcape360 pretty comfortable. He is also happy with the focus of lenses of Xcape360 and the ease with which screen depth can be adjusted. However, there are some who feel that though the quality and design of Xcape360 are good, operating it a tad difficult. Some even say that its eye pieces tend to protrude and rub against eyes.

One person has reported some black gap being visible between lenses while wearing Xcape360. Some have pointed out other inadequacies in Xcape360 owing to other reasons. Complaints about visuals of Xcape360 being hazy and poorer focus have also been made.

A user from technical background has written how outdated Xcape360 seems. She echoes the same issue- that of poor picture quality and difficulty in operating it. Another customer says that its lenses get smoky even if held for just a few minutes. The settings part is another hassle, and the background, according to others, is too thin for light to pass through.

One user has also pointed out that there’s no trigger button on Xcape360 for playing cardboard games. He also finds it uncomfortable to wear Xcape360 as it fits too tightly on nose when strapped.


Xscape360 Questions and Answers

Question: Is Xcape360 compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4 handset?
Answer: Yes, it is, provided you have the VR app. If you wish to use it, you can download it from Play Store.

Question: Does Xcape360 work with Galaxy S6?
Answer: Yes, it works with 4”- 6” smartphones, so it you can very much use it with your Galaxy S6.

Question: Is Netflix compatible with iPhone 6?
Answer: Yes, it is.

Question: Can Xcape360 work with an iPod?
Answer: Your Xcape360 will work with your iPod if it‘s as big as the iPhone 6.

Question: Will Xcape360 fit my IPod 6?
Answer: Yes, it will.

Question: I own a Note 4 and its size is 6.04 inches. Will this headset fit my phone without any hassles?
Answer: Yes, absolutely. The size’s right for your Note 4.

Question: Will Xcape360 work with Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Is Xcape360 360 Vision Technology enabled?
Answer: Yes, it is.

Question: Will Xcape360 go with my Samsung Galaxy S6 Active?
Answer: Yes, it will.

Question: Is Xcape360 compatible with QMobile?
Answer: It seems unlikely that Xcape360 will go with QMobile.

Question: From where is the 3D format downloaded for Xcape360?
Answer: There’s no need to download 3D format for it. This headset works fine without it.

Question: Can I wear Xcape360 comfortably with my eye glasses? If not, can you recommend an alternative?
Answer: Xcape360 cannot be used with eyeglasses as it will fit too close and exert pressure on your eyes. Use it without your glasses, taking breaks in between.

Question: Can I know the viewable angle of Xcape360 (in terms of degrees)?
Answer: Approximately 180 degrees. You will get a “snorkel view effect” similar to that of tubular view when you use Xcape360.

Question: What material is Xcape360 made of? Are head straps provided with it?
Answer: Xcape360 is basically made of plastic. Yes, it comes with head straps. For the best VR experience, buy a gadget with a built-in button. And you can use this with a VR controller.

Question: Does Xcape360 have any controls to switch apps or to go back?
Answer: You can do that, if your app has the options for that. Little Crosshairs are provided for that purpose. Please note that there are no buttons on its head set.

Question: Can I play games on Xcape360?
Answer: Yes, you can. You just need to connect a remote controller with it.

Question: Can I download something for Xcape360 through an app?
Answer: There’s no special app for this headset, though you can use Google Cardboard for this purpose.

Question: Can I watch videos and movies on my Xcape360? I have Google Cardboard, but I face problems with it occasionally.
Answer: Yes, you can try watching videos, shows or movies on YouTube using this headset.

Question: Does Xcape360 fit too tightly on the nose when worn?
Answer: No, it doesn’t.

Question: Can I use Xcape360 with tablets or laptops?
Answer: Xcape360 is primarily designed for cell phones so it won’t really go with other gadgets.

Question: Is it ok if I wear an over-the-ear headphone while using Xcape360?
Answer: Yes, absolutely.

Question: Can I watch YouTube videos on Xcape36without downloading an app for it? Will the picture quality be clear?
Answer: Yes, you can watch YouTube on it. You’ll have to download some apps for that. If used on full drive VR, the picture quality is almost like it is on your cell phone (without the mask). While using the mask, you reduce the resolution by half because it has to display same image twice simultaneously (one for each eye).

Question: I downloaded the apps for 3D for my Xcape360, but it’s not really working. Do I need a remote or any other attachment for it?
Answer: Yes, get a remote for better results. Meanwhile, you can operate it by hand.

Question: I see margins bordering the images and at the corners of my phone while wearing the Xcape360 headset. Does it happen always?
Answer: Not in the Note 3. You’ll have to try out something yourself to sort it out.

Question: Should I get ear buds for Xcape360?
Answer: No. And it’s not really required for it.


What do I get?
Buy a pair of Xscape360™ VR Glasses, in your choice of white or black, for just $19.99 plus $7.99 P&H, and also include the 3D Mini Lens—a $15 value , for only an additional $7.99 P&H.at
Official Website:xscape360.com

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