Xcellerate 35

What is Xcellerate 35?

Xcellerate 35 is a hair spray in formula crafted for thicker, healthier and denser looking hair. Xcellerate 35 is combined with 35 ingredients to work in unison to fortify the hair and make hair appear denser, longer, thicker, and have more volume.



How does Xcellerate 35 work?

Xcellerate 35 promotes hair development by strengthening the follicle and shaft. It opens the potassium channels and encourages blood flow to the hair cells.

The patented formula has been proven to work in two clinical studies.


How to use?
Xcellerate 35 is very easy to use. Simply spray Xcellerate 35 directly to clean, towel-dried hair. Deposit between five to ten pumps of the Xcellerate 35 (depending on hair length) to the roots of the hair and scalp and massage deeply. Comb through from root to the tip of your hair, then dry and style as usual.

For best results, apply once daily for a minimum of 60 days. Do not use any leave-in conditioners or any other product that will leave a residue that may inhibit absorption of the product prior to application.


Works on all hair types
Xcellerate 35 works on all types of hair, for both men and women.
Order the Xcellerate 35 spray in formula today to make your hair appear thicker, healthier, and denser!


What do I get?
Order one bottle of Xcellerate35™ spray in formula today for just $39.95 plus $4.99 processing and handling, and get a bottle of Xcellerate35™ Volumizing Shampoo , just pay separate $4.99 P&H.
Official Website:xcellerate35.com

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